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How to identify relevant referral sites for effective net linking

Positioning a site at the top of Google's SERPs on the most relevant keywords is the challenge for SEO specialists.

In this regard, a new linking campaign is essential, and its effectiveness depends in particular on the choice of a good referent domain.

Here are the rules to follow to identify the platforms to choose for your backlinks and obtain optimal results.

  Two powerful tools to detect relevant sites

Above all, be careful not to fall into the trap of quantity, even if some competing sites display hundreds or even thousands of backlinks. In the field of net linking, quality is essential.

1) A site or a blog can be interesting if it deals with a topic having a logical link with that of the referenced site. It is essential that from the first visit to this targeted referrer domain, the SEO manager can immediately understand the subject.

At the same time, the use of Majestic's Topical Trust Flow (TTF) to analyze a backlink profile highlights the link-building opportunities to be exploited. This tool is particularly effective in the evaluation of a site in order to help the user to distinguish the relevant sites (and the others).

To do this, the latter must look at the TF (Trust Flow, confidence indicator) and the CF (Citation Flow, popularity indicator) of the targeted site. A high TF is synonymous with quality, the minimum being 40. The CF should also be high but staying close to the TF. This means that the site has a large volume of backlinks all from reliable sites. A site that has a TF / CF x 100 ratio greater than 80 is considered trustworthy, others are considered suspicious.

However, it should be noted that these two metrics are on the one hand defined by Majestic and not by Google and that considerable fluctuations are possible within a few weeks.

2) There is another tool to measure the relevance of a domain for link exchange: Moz. The two metrics to consider are Domain Authority (DA) and spam score. The first must be as high as possible, unlike the second, which must not exceed 30%.

The types of referral sites to favor to obtain quality backlinks
  • The frequentation of the referrer site is also a sizeable argument, bringing both a quality backlink and significant additional traffic. However, a recent or less visited quality site cannot be excluded, because the external link thus created can be positive, although of lesser weight.
  • Regarding registration in directories, contrary to what many professionals claim, the technique can still have a positive influence on the natural referencing of the site, provided of course that you select a quality directory and minimize the number.
  • On the other hand, link farms are to be avoided. Not only would the additional traffic possibly generated be insignificant, but having a link from this type of platform risks leading to a sanction from its own site.

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