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Advantages of Cardboard Boxes as a Product Packaging


Cardboard boxes


These boxes work perfectly fine as a delivery box since they are lightweight, convenient to deal with, functional and helpful to ship also.

What are custom cardboard boxes?

What comes to mind when your hear the term 'shipping box'? Everyone pictures plain earthy brown boxes made of cardboard material. Cardboard has been around for decades now and it’s been used to make varieties of packaging. Today, most products come pressed in cardboard packaging boxes. Be it food stuff, consumer products of daily use, hardware, and other retail products. Cardboard stock material for packaging has been popular in each industry for quite some time now. Now, up to an 80% of things come in packaging cardboard boxes of different types. This also including paperboard and rigid cardboard.


Advantages of Using Custom Cardboard Packaging Boxes


Cardboard is a stock material that known for its adaptability. This material can conveniently be die-cut, and taped, as you need. It can also be tweaked in pretty much to form into every size and shape. This is what makes carboard packaging boxes so ideal to be utilized.


Cardboard boxes are used a lot as a product delivery packaging for being very lightweight, function and simple to deal with for by-road delivery and shipping. Being lightweight, they lower shipping costs. This makes them an ideal choice for brands looking to cut packaging costs – which are plenty of businesses.


Security is another solid reason for picking cardboard material. It’s because cardboard material’s superior protection to whatever product is kept inside and keeps items fastened properly.


Benefits of Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes are the most popular and chosen packaging material for eCommerce orders. They are utilized for packaging different items regardless of their size, shape, or weight. Because these boxes are customized as per product specifications. These boxes have layered fiberboards – normally called Cardboard Boxes. This packaging is easily recycled and reused. Brands therefore recognize cardboard as the most preferred packaging materials. These boxes prove to be feasible and cost-effective especially when the energy, fuel, and production costs are climbing step by step.

Die-cut and neatly creased cardboard packaging boxes are comprised of a Corrugated Board with a fluted sheet sandwiched between the two boards. The wavy flutes go about as the core and work as pressure resistant pad for the bundled material giving added protection. Protection from mechanical shocks, vibration, and stacking pressure. Resultantly, packaging of delicate items, for example, plastic electronics, or glass decoration articles is easy and safe to do.


Get custom cardboard boxes because more advantages of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes are listed down beneath.


High Level Product Protection

When compared with regular cardboard boxes, rigid containers are very much grounded. With them, you do not have to worry if the items are arriving at their goal. Or not as rigid material provides a smoother cushioning to products inside.

Easily Customized

Much the same like the cardboard packaging boxes available to be sold. Pre-creased cardboard material is very convenient and simple to alter in desired shape upon assembly. Brands can tailor their cardboard packaging boxes as per product specifications.


Layered and precisely die-cut box containers of cardboard are one of the most practical packaging boxes used by many industries. Also, these boxes are cost-efficient because of cardboard materials light weight during shipment.


Apart from being extra protective, functional, and less costly, corrugated cardboard is recyclable – easily brought into reuse anywhere.


Organizations highly recommended packaging boxes

Many brands use the buzz word 'cardboard' for a wide range of packaging boxes made from paper material. In different scenarios, experts know the basic difference between several different types of packaging. Precisely creased is likewise sometime alluded to as cardboard, which is again a false thing to think. When compared with cardboard, corrugated packaging boxes are much more protective. Here, we do not intend to say that cardboard does not have enough protective qualities. However, the rigid material box is a lot more grounded in nature. Whereas, the fundamental distinction between these two stock materials can be found in the layering of paper.

Custom corrugated boxes are made with three layers of paper with inside liners. The structure is like an outside liner, and fluting that is sandwiched between the two layers. The assembly ease of custom corrugated cardboard packaging boxes make them a lot more better than cardboard boxes. Products that require additional security are made into rigid boxes. But, the most popular packaging option for businesses are box containers made from cardboard overall.

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