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How to Make the Most of Your Outfits' Shopping Trips?

Whenever I head to the malls, I look at my overflowing closet to remind myself, though usually unsuccessfully, to exercise restraint. I do the same when browsing my favorite websites online. Online stores offer irresistible offers, so this personal determination there is considerably weakened. And, when it comes to sales and discounts, whether it's online or in real stores, even constant reminders don't work.

I'm sure that's the case for most people these days. After all, who would say no to the wonders of a pleasant shopping trip! However, the important thing is that this feeling of "happiness" and "adrenaline, relaxed, de-stressed" remains (and increases), even after swiping the credit/debit card.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, always. Once the colorful bags are in the hands, the feeling of 'happiness' fades and is replaced by guilt or regret, for many. There have been cases where I instantly regret a purchase. I have seen women curse themselves for buying something "useless" as they were influenced by a shopping partner or persuaded by an aggressive salesperson.

Some just can't say no! Others decide to cancel, or worse, reject COD orders. Cancellations and refund requests are a routine matter in the online shopping domain, and most e-commerce portals are reeling under the pressure created by incessant 'returns'. Many of us just can't seem to get the most out of our shopping getaways. And a wrong purchase decision is not just about wasting money, it is also a huge burden on our lives with little time.

Well, here are some tips to help you make the most of the time, effort, and money spent on every shopping trip you make, in the real or virtual world.

1. Think about your living expenses - for the month

This is something I've always seen working for my husband, who always goes through the current expense list in his mind, before clicking the 'Buy' button.  Outfits online, Start with expenses that are awaiting payment or processing.

Okay, it might seem somewhat depressing at the beginning of a shopping cruise, probably exhilarating, but it makes perfect sense. He will be reminded of the priorities, so he will end up buying only the priority things.

2. Don't go shopping (not even online) - when you're in a rush (or just before a meeting)

The feeling of 'running' stresses us out and makes us anxious. We may not realize it, but any hectic and frenzied ordeal is sure to get on your nerves.

Purchases made in that frame of mind are highly unlikely to fit into the "large" category. Also, we tend not to be the best resource in that state of mind. In addition, the rush does not allow us to look for options. Buying whatever we find first, regardless of quality, especially when it's essential (right now), it's very likely to be a manic rush.

That's precisely why planning ahead works well. If you have some shopping to do for some event, occasion, wedding, or anything, even a gift, do so in advance, as you are unlikely to get something you 'really admire' on a hurried shopping trip. For the same reason, now I even avoid buying groceries and vegetables in my 'free time at lunchtime. It really doesn't work well, I noticed!

3. Don't go shopping when you're angry or hungry (or thirsty)!

Cranky is bad when it comes to buying. If you're hungry, you'll be in a rush to finish shopping again, so you can eat (and drink). So everything we talked about in point 2 also applies here.

Most women decide to go shopping to combat stress or a bad mood, okay. But ask these women if they love the shopping they do on those trips where they "really need a change of mood." Most of the answers will put you off in the future. Instead, go for a run or a park to play with the kids, or just go for a walk with your favorite music in your ears, to lift your soggy spirits. Shopping is best done when you are in a balanced state of mind!

4. make a list

As old-fashioned and clichéd as it may sound, preparing lists really helps to prioritize and eliminate unnecessary purchases.

Contrary to popular belief, making lists before a shopping trip is not restrictive. Instead, it leans in one direction and flows into your ride through the mall or down the street. And, at the end of it all, who asks you to "not" buy anything other than what is listed on the list. 

on October 18 at 5:26

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