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5 Most Beautiful Traditional Dresses Designs

Traditional attire in India is dependent on the regional and ethnicity Female clothing has changed from western to simple, but celebrations and rituals are still governed by the traditional dress that are worn by Indian women. India also offers a wide variety of materials clothing, dresses, weaves, and other costumes like Saree Churidaar, Phulkari, and the most recent Lehenga Style Sarees.



Lehenga is one of the adored bridal dress worn by Indian brides. It's a kind of skirt that is adorned with the traditional embroidery Gota Plaid and Patti. Lehenga style sarees are an innovative style of saree that has been introduced in India that blends traditional sarees and lehenga choli.


Ghagra Choli

Gagra Choli, is also known in the form of Lehenga choli is one the most popular attires worn by Indian women. It is also a traditional attire of women from India's Indian States in Rajasthan as well as Gujarat. Choli is a kind of blouse worn on the upper body, Lehenga, Chaniya as well as Ghagra is a form of skirt worn at the bottom part. Dupatta is a long scarf that is worn along with the lehenga choli as well as with Shalwar Kameez.


  • Ghagra
  • Chaniya
  • Choli
  • Dupatta
Shalwar Kameez


Salwar Kameez also known as Salwar Kurta was originally in the Indian subcontinent, and is can be worn by women and men, however styles vary by gender. These days, they are most often is worn by ladies. The shalwars are loose pants, similar to pajamas. The kameez is a top with varying lengths.

Anarkali and Churidaar

Anarkali as well as Churidaar comprise two of most popular types of salwar suits, paired into the salwar kameez. The Anarkali suit is available in floor length and lengths. Churidaar is a pyjama that fits tightly or pants that women wear.

Patiala Suit
Churidaar Shalwar
Anarkali Shalwar Suit

Mekhela Chadar

Mekhela Chador is a typical Assamese clothes that are draped around the female body by women. The bottom is called mekhela, while the top is known as Chador. Muga Silk, PatEri silk and KesaRaw silk are all different types of mekhela Chadar.


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