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It's not a problem concerning Carson Wentz's behavior

It's not a problem concerning Carson Wentz's behavior on the field. However, Carson Wentz's performance on the field is an issue. The biggest issue I have for Indianapolis is playing Wentz all the time during the 2021 season . It could mean having to Mut 22 coins give up a top 10 pick due to the team's lack of quality.

Indy's journey isn't easy. The Colts lost to Tennessee on the road, and Wentz was injured on both ankles. Even though Houston will be home for the Colts in three weeks is a good outcome, the Texans have Miami and Baltimore on the road.

The Eagles are guaranteed the Indy 2022 first-rounder if Wentz is able to play 75 percent of Colts games this year regardless of what Colts record at the end. (70 percent ) and an opportunity to play in the playoffs would trigger the change from secondto the first round for the pick.) The current selection would be the No. Next year's draft will be the third overall. That's ... not great.

Giving up a high second-round selection is not ideal as is giving away the top pick, or even the top 10, is just not right when it is possible to avoid. The Colts have played 204 games in three games, and Wentz is involved in all 199. This is 97.5 percent of Colts snaps. The Colts have to make a choice as to where they are at this point in the season. They must also decide if they would like the opportunity to cheap Madden nfl 22 coins offer the best draft pick for someone who's not physically fit enough to perform at the highest level.

on November 26 at 1:47

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