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The top three classes in TBC Classic's DPS

Since World of Warcraft has made a series of changes to Burning Crusade Classic, each class can become feasible in one form in the game. Today let us look at the level of Warlock, Hunter, and Mage in DPS and their role.

Warlock: S

Warlock is one of the best classes in DPS, in order to be able to deal with the boss battle in the raid, they can provide various curse debuff effects.

Moreover, they also have very first-class utility, through the use of Health Stones and Soul Stones to increase team survivability.

To get the highest DPS, you can use Destruction Warlock, which can run four or more times in many raids, and Demonolog is also good. If you want to increase team damage through debuffs, you can add a pain warlock to the team.

Hunter: S

Beast Master Hunter is Destruction Warlock's strongest competitor in TBC's top DPS. In TBC Classic, you TBC Classic Gold can’t use the infamous “One Button Macro” function, but they have the strongest physical DPS, because the melee category is secondary in the expansion process.

Generally, an Enhancement Shaman in the team will be paired with three to four Hunters, so that they can always maintain the Grace of Air Totem, and Feral Druid can provide them with the Leader of the Pack.

Hunter's specialization will be used for Survival for Expose Weakness in some raids. This particular Hunter compensates for his lack of damage by providing strong team benefits.

Mage: A

Mages and Warlocks or Hunters have different damages. Without these occupations, Mage might be at the top of this list.

In TBC, most people generally set their specialization to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold Arcane or Fire instead of using Frost spec as in the early days of WoW Classic. Arcane is a very powerful skill in the early stages of the data card.

Arcane Intellect is also one of the most iconic buffs in the game, and it can help Mages gain a place in the raid.

If you are using these powerful classes, you will know that using TBC Classic Gold to upgrade them is indispensable, and only by upgrading them to the highest level possible can they give full play to their absolute advantage. If you are short of TBC Classic Gold, you can go to MMOWTS, where there are a lot of discount TBC Classic Gold waiting for you to buy.

on November 26 at 1:52

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