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Introduction to some DPS classes in TBC Classic

Since World of Warcraft has made a series of changes to Burning Crusade Classic, each class can become feasible in one form in the game. Today let us look at the level of Enhancement Shaman, Warrior, Shadow Priest and Retribution Paladin in DPS and their role.

Enhancement Shaman: B

In the melee DPS class, Enhancement Shaman may be the most useful in the game during TBC.

By using Windfury Weapon, they can cause them more damage than other classes. At the same time, when they use very practical totems, they can become the main characters of Hunters and other melee groups.
You should add several Enhancement Shamans to your TBC Classic Gold team and apply them to the melee/tank group and Hunter group. Enhancing Totems, Improved Weapon Totems, and Unleashed Rage are all important talents indispensable to the group.

Warrior: C+

The Warriors' fall in TBC is very severe. In Classic, they occupy the most dominant position with an overwhelming advantage. You only need to add one or two DPS Warriors to your team to get the debuffs they provide. However, they were still severely hit.

Retribution Paladin: C+

Although Retribution Paladins can bring specific benefits to Buy TBC Classic Gold the team in some raids, their damage cannot be compared with other specializations. But they are still very competitive.

They can provide the team with Seal of Blood and increase the player's damage at the cost of life. This is their biggest role.

Shadow Priest: C

In TBC, Shadow Priest provides effective support for the S-class class, so as to play his role in the team. Because Warlocks are not particularly powerful in the classics, in many raids, in order to increase character damage, players will not use Warlocks in most cases. But they are still in a leading position, and a Shadow Priest will supplement the damage for Warlocks in many raids.

The DPS class of TBC Classic has many options. In addition to the main S-level and A-level classes, other levels of classes are needed for assistance. But no matter which class you use, you need to upgrade them with a lot of TBC Classic Gold. If you don’t have enough TBC Classic Gold, you can directly purchase TBC Classic Gold at a favorable price in MMOWTS, which can help you save a lot of money.

on November 27 at 1:45

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