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If you've not done it, this Love Story quest unlocks a new type of RuneScape gold dungeon that adds a variety of new dungeon guards you can place in the room which include scarabites, black demons, iron dragons etc. Also, most of these new creatures are more affordable than the traditional hellhounds, trolls and dragons etc.. If I've missed anything, don't hesitate to contact me for clarification.
Lardar pretty much summarised his best practices, but in order to create a plan , we'll have to know the level at which you're at.
And, of course, good luck! It's up to you how you'd like it to be done Personally, I am not a fan of runecrafting , and don't have the money, which is why I slay constantly on the hunt for effigies to use on runecrafting. Also, I'm helping people to get their RC and effigies (91 and up, I'd recommend this because it's a no-cost 30k rc daily XP)
I'd use the penguins as for a boost once a week, since it all adds up into a very high XP count in the time it will take to get to 99 Runecrafting. Also, when the free trade system is back, we will see the rise of Air, Law and Double nature running again as well, which could be an ideal option, instead of simply sit at the altar for the whole day and let others be the source of essence to you.
I'm thinking of camping avies numbers are 73 range/80def/60 pray. Should i go with the tank approach? If so, what type of clothing should I wear? Would it be better to just wear my current range armor? (full armour, snakskin boots and zamorak blessed dhide vamps ), ava's accumelatour ammy of range-wearing, rune cbow broad bolts God book.
The Granite shield is very effective as it has a very high protection range... What do you think? do I need to wear monk robes and high prayer bonus and constantly pray? I'm playing exlibtur to the specs (or the way you spell it) is there anything better? (don't say enchanted version i would rather not spend 10 million for it)
Kepp which is great for healing. It is possible that I include exbiltur, firestaff+nature runes, mithril grapple and Saradmoin arrow(saradomin item) one free inv space for loot or two, tabs for b2p and like 8 range pots and rest sharks . And i'll load my terrobird up with monksfishs. Do i need to alter this?
This is pretty decent, but you'll eventually run out terrorbird time/inventory spaces before buy RS gold this you know it, or maybe there are only monks in the inventory. However, it seems that B2P are enough at 80 defense. However, it's a terrorbird, I'd say, try playing with it.

on November 30 at 1:43

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