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Private Transfer Rome to Capri – Uncover the Spectacular Italian Delights

Are you on a vacation in Italy? You don’t know where to go! After your touchdown at the Rome Airport, you should head straight to Capri Island. Again if you want to reach Capri from the Rome Airport as per your convenience, you can just hire private transfers from Rome to Capri and cover as much sightseeing as you can. To help you out, here are a few best places you should explore on your holiday:
Italy’s vibrant capital – Rome, boasting a perfect blend of ancient ruins, awe-inspiring art and incredible street lifestyle, is one of the most romantic and inspiring cities around the world. Steeped in history, the eternal city is often referred as the hub for authentic delicacies and latest fashion trends. Once the epicenter of the vast Roman empire, the Italian capital still retains some of the remainings of ancient era as well as historic buildings. Beyond that, the city manages to emerge as a bustling metropolis residents live in the shadow of their past without being dwarfed by it.
Pompeii –
Pompeii – or Pompei in Italian may seem like a nondescript satellite of Naples; but you will get to see here Europe’s most compelling archaeological site – the ruins of Pompeii. They are sprawling and hunting, but stand out as the stark reminder of the malign forces lying deep inside Vesuvius. However, the archaeological site of Pompeii is the significant proof of Roman civilization, offering vast information on the art, customs, trades and daily lifestyles of the past. Remember, no trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to the Pompeii ancient ruins!
Amalfi Coast
Blessed with a lovely sequence of panoramic curves and thirteen beautiful towns, Amalfi Coast will take you on a wonderful trip to explore villages nestled on the charming coves, bays and the rock. While traveling to Capri Island, you can enjoy great itineraries like a trip to the “Path of the Gods” or the”Furore fjord” and the “Terraced Gardens” – the must-see destination famous for so sweet lemons. Hence, a trip to the Amalfi Coast is a must to enrich your Roman holiday and allow you to enjoy a fun-filled expedition between scenic nature, age-old traditions, authentic delicacies and breathtaking spectacles.
Naples –
The oldest, artistic, appetising Italian masterpiece – Naples is blessed with rich volcanic soils, bountiful sea and centuries of culinary know-how. However, the Naples region is the epicurean heavyweight in Italy, serving the delicious pizza, pasta, coffee, seafood dishes, street snacks and sweet treats. While visiting there, you will uncover the breathtaking frescoes, panoramas and sculptures of unexpected elegance, profound humanity and much more.
Capri –
A magnificent microcosm of Mediterranean appeal, Capri offers a great fusion of sparkling grottoes and coves, Roman ruins as well as chichi piazzas. Considered as the most popular tourist destination in Italy, Capri continues enchanting travelers of all varieties – from writers, musicians to painters and poets. The green vegetation on the stiff cliffs, the outstanding views, the sea caverns standing on the blue sea and the magical atmosphere in a mix of culture, art and social lifestyle, make Capri Island a unique destination around the world.
Positano –
The most photogenic town of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is the home to vertiginous houses tumbling down to the sea in a cascade of sun-bleached pink, peach and terracotta. Its steep streets and steps are flanked by smart restaurants, fashionable retailers and wisteria-draped hotels. If you will look beyond the fashion and facades in Positano, you will introduce yourself to the reassuring signs of everyday reality.
Conclusion –
Do you keen on uncovering these Italian delights on vacation? Book private transfer from Rome to Capri with Napoli Limo Service and immerse in the sightseeing marvels in Italy at your own pace. For immediate availability, please visit our website at
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