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Badges are an integral component of every MyPlayer

Like Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo can be Nba 2k22 Mt considered the world's greatest basketball player. He's coming off of arguably the most dominant NBA Finals performance of all time and is the only player in the league who is the driving force for his team's offense and defense.
The only other player to come in close proximity is Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers. In his role as the reigning NBA champion Giannis Antetokounmpo won every portion of his 96 overall his dominance will likely last in NBA 2K22 for the foreseeable future.
Badges are an integral component of every MyPlayer build for NBA 2K22. These are the difference between a bad build that will struggle in online or offline play and a well-built built that is able to complete the job. That's why you shouldn't ignore this part of the build, especially when looking for Defensive/Rebounding badges to run. If you're in need advice regarding the badges the build you're building has we'll go over our suggestions.
Centers and power forwards might be tempted to write this badge in the game plan. Ball Stripper badge Ball Stripper badge lets the wearer increase the chances of forcing turn when trying in stripping a layup, or lay down near the basket. It can be a valuable tool when weaker players try to attack the ball, and be very helpful when trying to force turnovers.
Point guards, but more importantly, shooting guards, small and power forwards must have Clamps badges. Clamps badge. Clamps was, in my opinion, the best badge to wear in NBA 2K21 and it's returning for 2K22. Clamps increases the holders' abilities to stay ahead of their ball handlers on the sidelines.
Those who have Clamps have access to cuts that are quicker and have greater success pushing players. The Clamp badge is important should you have a possibility of stopping sharp-shooting guards as well as forwards with a knock for dropping mid-range shots. This will enable you to stay ahead, and give you an increased chance of getting your hands up front and stopping the shot from being clean.
Most players could use this badge. But big menin particular could use the Intimidator badge. Players who are in a match with players with the Intimidator badge are likely to have a lower success percentage when trying to take a contested shot. The ability to contest shots is crucial in making sure that baskets are not made, but the extra boost could prove beneficial. Try to fit this badge into your outfit in the event that you can.
Post Lockdown is another badge large players will require in NBA 2K22. This buy 2k22 mt badge improves the defender's ability to stop post moves and backdowns. Centers and power forwards will require lots of help when they play defense, so this badge is a must that you have on your list. It can be useful should you have a match with a player the group of players who are averse to post moves.

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