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Agility skill in OSRS is an exclusive ability of OSRS GP members that is not able to be taught by players who are f2p (free to play) players. It's the one responsible for the amount of time needed to recharge run energy.

Higher Agility levels will also unlock a myriad of shortcuts in the world of Gielinor. Since running is extremely beneficial to recharge energy depleted, replenishing it will be crucial throughout the game. It is one of the most neglected and disdainful abilities in sports that should be taught as soon as you can. One of the main reasons people do not like Agility is the dull training.

For you to get around this road quickly you want to unlock Spirit Tree traveling system. The first one is located just above Tree Gnome Agility Training Area that allows you to reach teleportation using Spirit trees. After that, teleport towards the Tree Gnome Village and leave it by speaking to an NPC just outside the cage. From the gate, make an excursion towards the west. The next one is east of Catherby under the mountain.

It is possible to get there by traveling to Camelot and then running to the to the east. Then, you'll find a patch at Brimhaven. The simplest method to get there is to use teleporting Ardougne and then taking the charter boat. You can also set your house to Brimhaven which will increase the speed of travel by a lot faster. There's also a fruit tree patch in Lletya however, this requires an extended search with high expectations. All the fruit trees grow for 16 hours so it is usually conducted only once every day.

The most profitable methods for farming among them is the farming of herb patches. It is similar to farming trees in terms of activities made but during these runs, we will be visiting specific areas dedicated to herb gardens. It is also essential to bring secateurs (magic secateurs is recommended) to harvest fully grown plants. Simply follow the steps below for locations of the farming patches Rake patches, plant seeds , and cheap OSRS gold return once they have fully grown.

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