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Path of Exile Delirium Everywhere Activity Guide

Delirium Everywhere as the last special event of Path of Exile in December is also coming to an end. For this event, the difficulty will increase in almost every region. Not only will there be more enemies to solve, but they will be more difficult to activate. Players need to POE Items Buy to better complete this event day and get rewards. Wraeclast fell into madness and Delirium Everywhere.

Delirium Everywhere is open for 10 days, starting at 3 pm on December 31st and ending at 3 pm on January 10th. In Delirium Everywhere, almost every map in battles and endgames is permanently shrouded in Delirium Fog.

The Delirium level of each map ranges from 1 to 100%, and the effect is the same as the standard game mode. To avoid spam-refreshing, the Delirium percentage of each area will always be the same. In addition, Mirrors of Delirium will not be generated during the event, and Delirious maps will cover the special rules of the event. Players will spend some POE Currency when facing arduous tasks, which will help.

Every version of Delirium Everywhere is available. When the event is over, the items from Delirium Everywhere will disappear. Therefore, POE Currency owned in Delirium Everywhere needs to be used in more meaningful places.

The end of this event will also mean the successful conclusion of the Path of Exile event in December, and players can also look forward to the upcoming new expansion. Although this expansion is delayed for a few days, it does not affect the enthusiasm of the players. They buy POE Currency comes as a preparation in advance. This is a tradition for the old players of Path of Exile.

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