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The Hist Whisperer Set is one of the best sustain equipment in The Elder Scrolls Online

Hist Whisperer Set is one of the best sustain equipment in The Elder Scrolls Online game. It is named after the supernatural connection between the Argonians and ESO Gold. Hist is a mysterious sentient spore tree in the Black Swamp. Hist Whisperer Set does not focus on one main attribute, but prefers all three attributes to improve the recovery rate of health, stamina, and magic.

After equipping two Hist Whisperer Sets, fans of Elder Scrolls Online will Buy ESO Gold. For the three items, this recovery reward also applies to endurance. In addition, if the player wears four pieces of Hist Whisperer equipment, they will receive additional passive buffs to restore Magicka. Finally, by equipping Hist Whisperer's full set of armor, Elder Scrolls Online players only need to perform light and medium attacks in battle to restore a large amount of health, endurance and magic.

In addition, successfully launching a fully charged blow will effectively double the mana, stamina, and health restored in The Elder Scrolls Online. The craftsman must complete the research on the three characteristics of the Hist Whisperer Set in order to make one of the armors in Elder Scrolls Online.

Players can also adjust the house furnishings near the Hist Whisperer crafting station. The first step is to use ESO Gold to purchase an adjustable forging station or an adjustable clothing store station from certain NPCs. After purchasing the Attunable crafting station, use the nearby Vunalk Wayshrine to go to the withered rhizome. Go to the Hist Whisperer workbench, open the Inventory screen, and select Slottable Items. After adjusting all items, players can now place a Hist Whisperer crafting station in their home in Elder Scrolls Online.

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