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LEVELS 35 99 CANNONBALLS. This is among

LEVELS AVERAGE 74-99 ADAMANT DART TIPS. Another alternative to OSRS GP the Blast Furnace which is very expensive is to make adamant dart tips from adamantite bars. Level 74 is required to make those with a small profit. However, this isn't the only benefits of this method, as the process of creating dart tips can be extremely AFK friendly. With this method you should be able to earn around 60k xp per hour which is pretty good. If you're considering this method, be aware that you must finish your Tourist Trap quest beforehand which teaches you how to create darts.
LEVELS 35 99 CANNONBALLS. This is among the most old-fashioned and well-known methods to earn money which requires Smithing ability. To do this one you have to complete Dwarf Cannon Quest and bring with you Steel bars which are necessary to make Cannonballs. If you follow this procedure, it will earn the player around 10k exp per hour, and more than 100k gold. While it's an excellent moneymaker for lower levels there are better ones later on so make sure you switch to better paid ones. Also, slow experience gains are not worth the investment.
LEVELS 54+ MITHRIL DART Tips. If you've got already completed the Tourist Trap quest completed you can start making Mithril Tips from Mithril Bars at level 54. Although this method is less money than cannonballs, they offer higher levels of experience. Most important is that you can semi AFK in the process of creating Mithril Dart Tips so it is a great thing to perform while doing other things on your computer.
LEVELS 15+, BLAST FURNACE. Although there was Blast Furnace prior to this guide this method involves different kinds of ores, other than gold. By using other types of ores player won't receive an extra benefit from Goldsmith Gauntlets but it is worth noting that some ores can be more profitable.
Blast Furnace may be used as a level 15 weapon to make Iron Bars the thing to be aware of is that it must be completed of the Giant Dwarf quest which also requires 16 Firemaking, 12 Crafting 33 Magic, and 14 Thieving.
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