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Increase conversion rate

Interactive post product videos perform much better conversions than linear videos. According to this survey, customer-controllable product video conversion rates are around 11%. This means that 1 in 10 people who watch a movie in a store buy the product presented there. One of the reasons is that interactive post product videos make the process almost effortless. Customers do not have to go back to the online store to find their favorite product. Thus, even the Cinema8 digital shopper's shop.

Increase engagement rate

The ultimate goal of the available video is to get customers to buy the product and make the purchasing process as easy as possible. However, statistics show that interactive post-product videos also have a positive impact on engagement rates. In particular, the total playback time will increase by 47%. As a result, transactional product videos not only increase sales, but are also a great tool for communicating your brand message and building brand loyalty.

Be captivated by customers

Another long-term advantage of interactive post-product videos is that consumers remember them better than regular videos. Interestingly, it doesn't depend on whether these consumers are actually involved in the content. According to a Magna study, interactive post films are 32% more memorable and nine times more motivated to buy than linear films.

Provides insight into buyer behavior

Interactive post-product videos help online retailers get to know their viewers better. In particular, you can track every click. There are also customer behaviors, likes and dislikes, and behavioral motivations. It provides valuable information on this topic so that you can more accurately define your purchasing intent and adjust your marketing content accordingly.

The easiest way to create an interactive post product video

The adoption of interactive post videos by online retailers was previously slow and risky. The whole process is so long that it requires specialized refinement, which inevitably leads to high costs and uncertain results. For these reasons, e-commerce store owners were not convinced of their potential ROI. As a result, they were reluctant to incorporate interactive post product videos into their business activities.

However, the situation has changed with the development of new technologies. Cinema8 interactive post video creation platform allows online retailers to create movies that can be purchased with just a few clicks. Another major advantage of the patented Cinema8 solution is that it is a completely risk-free option as it does not require prepayment. But let's take a closer look at how it all works.

Connect your e-commerce store to the DUZY TV platform

First, online retailers need to register and create an account. This phase requires only fairly standard information such as email addresses and passwords. The user can then follow the instructions and connect in minutes.

Make a movie to buy

To create an interactive post product movie using the Cinema8 solution, online retailers simply upload existing video content to the platform. Thanks to the combination of store and platform, products are automatically drawn to Cinema8, so users simply select the appropriate product from the list. For the same reason, products that are not available are marked as "sold out".

Use affordable movies made on Cinema8

All interactive post product videos are hosted on the Cinema8 platform. However, online retailers can upload them to products or landing pages on their website. It's worth noting that about 58% of digital shoppers consider e-commerce stores with product videos to be reliable sellers. In addition, the available videos can be shared on social media and used in email marketing campaigns.

Financial aspect

As mentioned above, Cinema8 does not accept prepayments. Online merchants only pay a small portion of the transaction after purchase. The same thing is happening with platform-supported donations. If the main purpose of interactive post video created on Cinema8 is to generate leads, users will pay a flat rate.

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