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RuneScape - If an item's price is falling

I'm not able to flip barrows any weapon or OSRS gold armour for it for that matter. Tips? I'm willing to buy nearly all items that are trying to sell in a hurry and then make a profit off it. In my case, the fury example. I also earned 150k from an individual who sold his whip, for one mil recently. Similar to that.

My flipping times are based on the current trend of the item. If it's rising the maximum price I'll purchase at its current min price (how i determine maximum and min prices will be discussed below) after which sell it at their maximum as soon as the transaction is over. Sometimes, i sell/buy for 1gp over the min/max depending upon the margin of profit as well as how quick i know them to buy or sell.

If an item's price is falling, I'll buy it at min price, then instantly sell at the max price, while buying at the min. My reason is because if I sit for 10 minutes to max buy something that is trending down, the price is likely to decrease during that time.

Now how i determine the "true" max and min. I buy 10 of the item for significantly more than the actual cost, then sell for way under the price. It will give me money back if I purchase more than. Then , it will inform me how much it actually bought for. If I sell it for far under, it will give me more than I wanted, since that is the price at which the min price is.

That will give me the most recent max and min (more precise than the graph) and also tells me when an item starts to fall apart before an graph informs me. So , what can you do? Would you be able to criticize myself in any manner? Any suggestions on merchandising armour and weapons? Killing Dragons is most likely the most lucrative method for making money atm because pretty much anyone with buy RS gold decent stats could kill dragons. If you have the stats it's a piece of cake.

on January 17 at 4:06

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