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Upcoming events for The Elder Scrolls Online in 2022

The Elder Scrolls Online's calendar of events grows every year, with several new festivals coming in 2022, such as the Daedric War Celebration which is derived from the Tribunal Celebration. The Elder Scrolls Online's anniversary takes place around April 4 each year, and events like Heroes Reforged and the Explorer's Celebration are almost impossible to Buy ESO Gold.

The Daedric War Celebration commemorates the events of Morrowind, Clockwork City, and Summerset chapters, all related to the invasion of Tamriel by the three princes. Until this year, the event was called the Tribunal Celebration, as it now includes Summerset, which doesn't feature any Living Gods.

The event, one of the few officially confirmed, started on January 20, ran for 13 days, and ended on February 1. Players can collect event tickets to earn specific ESO Gold, get fiend loot boxes for random rewards, and can expect rewards for looting and harvesting in each chapter and DLC area. Of course, in addition to getting ESO Gold in these missions, players can also choose IGGM to buy ESO Gold.

Whitestrake's Mayhem is the new name for Elder Scrolls Online's mid-year mayhem. The chaos of Whitestrake will bring players back to the PvP areas of the game, such as Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. During the event, players will earn double league points and a chance to earn ESO Gold that contains a variety of useful items. This event happens twice a year, and while the 2022 event date has yet to be announced, the first is likely to happen in late spring and early summer.

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on January 21 at 2:19

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