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Amazon will focus on bug fixes for New World

A new development update video highlights Amazon’s near-term plans for New World and what players can expect from future PTR releases. Amazon Games Studios’ MMORPG New World won’t release any major content in February, with the team instead focusing on delivering as many bug fixes as possible. This increases the desire of players to buy New World Coins.

The news comes from a New World update video in which original members of the development team discuss a variety of topics, from upcoming systems to various technical issues the team hopes to solve. Bug fixes are Amazon’s top priority right now, which is why the game’s February update won’t include any new content. Players also expressed understanding that they will spend New World Coins to promote their own development in the game.

Amazon sees February as just a bug fix month. The February edition has no major content. They have a few things they’re looking at making sure New World gets a ton of fixes, and it’s going to be a long time before Amazon wants to bring actual change to players who’ve been looking for things. Players also look forward to seeing a better New World in the future, and they can also get more New World Coins through their own efforts.

The update also touched on Amazon’s plans to merge various sparsely populated New World servers, which didn’t go as planned. Housing persistence bugs caused process delays, but more mergers are planned soon. Once these merges are complete, roles will again be able to transfer servers.

As far as players’ long-term expectations are concerned, the development update is clear on the details, but reiterates that a new weapon, the Blunderbuss, is in development. Other details include the possibility of mutating expeditions into lower-level expeditions. The team also liked the idea of a smaller-scale PvP or more casual version of the event, although no specific plans were discussed.

New World’s next update will add a new endgame system as Mutated Expeditions, as well as increase an item’s maximum gear score. The new content is currently being tested on the game’s PTR, with an official release scheduled for later this month. Players can buy New World Coins at while they wait. This is an experienced seller, players don’t have to worry about safety. Take action.

on January 22 at 1:57

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