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Elder Scrolls Online main storyline unlocked

The Elder Scrolls series has gained a legion of fans due to its engaging stories, such as the main quests of Elder Scrolls Online, which has the most lore of any game. Below I will bring you the main storyline related content of Elder Scrolls Online, so that players can Buy ESO Gold.

There are hundreds of incredible missions in The Elder Scrolls Online game, especially the main plot, so it's a great MMORPG for single player. Players earn ESO Gold by challenging these quests, but it will take them some time, as many of Elder Scrolls Online's quests are not easy for players.

The game is set during The Interregnum in 2E 582, when no emperor was on the ruby throne. the Alliance War broke out between three different alliances: the Ebonheart Pact, the Aldmeri Dominion, and the Daggerfall Covenant. So, it's not easy for players to successfully complete these missions, it's more that they need to collect ESO Gold to help win the war.

During this time, Tamriel was also traveling through the Planemeld. The Planemeld is a massive Daedric invasion that affects the entire universe, not just Tamriel. The Daedric prince Molag Bal was at the heart of the Planemeld and used his Dark Anchors to try and merge Coldharbour, his realm of Oblivion, with the rest of the world. Of course, for those novice players, they can also buy ESO Gold at

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