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Class balance won't change much in WoW Classic update

The main reason why WoW Classic is different is that it allows players to relive and re-master the gameplay of past versions of WOW, and most of WoW Classic's projects are to bring back the previous version for players to enjoy again.

Although some classes will benefit from the changes in Season of Mastery, such as increasing the health of the team leader. But Blizzard is pretty confident about the sample size tested during the Season of Mastery beta. As recently as the last few weeks, the WoW community thought that Warriors and Rogues would be able to be hugely successful in long boss fights because their mana wouldn't be depleted. But Blizzard still believes there won't be a huge change in the tier list in the Season of Mastery game. According to Blizzard, based on what they saw in the Molten Core and Onyxia beta testing last week, teams that want to Buy WOW TBC Gold stack warriors and rogues appear to have more difficulty than teams with more class diversity.

Players will have the opportunity to transfer their characters to existing Classic Age servers once the Classic Season of Mastery ends, Blizzard said. However, no date has been announced for the Season of Mastery.

The WoW Classic Season of Mastery will TBC Classic Gold begin on November 16th. And from November 11th. Players can leave their name on the Season of Mastery servers.

In WoW Classic, players need to continuously accumulate TBC Classic Gold to make the character's strength further. And MMOWTS is a professional seller of TBC Classic Gold, they attract a large number of players to buy at the lowest price. If you want to get a lot of TBC Classic Gold fast, MMOWTS is the way to go.

on January 25 at 1:51

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