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You cannot simply make money by turning it into more.

It's impossible to get anyone to give you the runescape gold right advice without your statistics. As I've heard Greens: Wear low-end equipment, and kill them in level 13 wilderness ~north-west of Edgeville If you have to (just attempt to find an empty world) Also, carry an item called a Teletab.
I'm sure you know the meaning of a sling, it is available from cows as well. The second cow kill I got an sling. The first kill was an air staff. Questing is another issue for me. I'm not good at questing. I have no idea which quests to tackle and if they're long, I get bored really easily. Therefore, questing for full rune armor as well as melee training is my only issue.
You cannot simply make money by turning it into more. You must do herby run to develop profitable skills, such as hunter longs, fletch yew, any similar. Someone mentioned 99 fishing, which is likely to be the case Make sure you fish for rocktails between 90-99. Yes, you can however it's a slow and takes a long time dependent on the point at which you begin and how committed you are you could turn 1gp into 1B in no time.
The way I would do it though now you have 15 million is to buy something that fluctuates in value, but gets caught at the bottom due to its alch value; at this point you won't want to take a huge risk in the pool of cash but building it slowly and 15M which is an excellent amount could yield around 400k per period of the green chaps as an example.
Since they aren't able to drop below 2200 for very long due to their ALCH value that is 2380 you can purchase at 2200-2250. They sell for 2300-2350. It is not the fastest method , however it's reliable, when you're a member you could go for the more exotic goods like black chaps. They are available for purchase at 5400 and selling for 6000+ , however if you don't time it right, you may end up holding stocks for a period of time.
Beware of red dragonhide as it does not sell well and avoid seeds like they're the scourge. I have lost an absolute fortune from these seeds. The way to do this is to access the graph that shows the 180-day period and buy cheap rs3 gold see what bounces repeatedly between two points. trade and buy before you hit them. It requires some time but over time it's possible to make enormous profits of 1-2 million some woodcutting or slaying in the same time, so you're not wasting time either.

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