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Omniscience in Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas

Ahead of Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas expansion pack, Grinding Gear Games has revealed some new items in the game in the upcoming update. Players may wish to POE Currency Buy to get these new items. One of these items is called the legendary Crystallized Omniscience Amulet, and it comes with a brand new mechanism, the Omniscience.

So far, this amulet is the only item we know of that grants Omniscience or any related bonuses. The major effect of this mechanic is to convert all attribute points into omniscience. This means that characters wearing Crystallised Omniscience will receive none of the usual benefits associated with stat bonuses. So players can get boost items to improve the attributes of this equipment without spending POE Currency.

Modifiers to Attributes include any effects imparted by equipment or passives that affect the character’s Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, or any combination of the three. Each class starts with 60 stat points, so calculating a player’s overall modifier simply adds up and subtracts 60 from the total stat points. Players can spend POE Currency to get items other than Omniscience.

The effectiveness of Crystalised Omniscience will depend on the role of each of its effects. As of now, players aren’t sure what the range of values is, but they can determine which types of builds could benefit from Crystallizing Omniscience. If a build that depends on property additions doesn’t well use it, then builds that take advantage of multiple elements.

Players looking forward to Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas may wish to buy POE Currency at POECurrency. They can offer cheap prices and a secure trading system. This helps players gain an edge in Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas.

on January 26 at 2:20

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