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The main content of The Elder Scrolls Online The Morrowind Chapter

The Morrowind Chapter introduces a new narrative formula to ESO in the form of a year-long story, bundling multiple editions together. ESO Morrowind brings players back to the island of Vvardenfell at the height of the court's power over the Dark Elf homeland. In In Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, we can talk to the living gods, but we can never see their full power. Morrowind is as full of great storytelling as netches and nix-hounds, and many players consider it to be ESO's best chapter to date.

The main quests involve the Planemeld, the Imperial City questline, each faction's questline, and each guild's story. Players will Buy ESO Gold while completing missions. Orsinium is a stand-alone story, and its consequences really only affect the fate of Wrothgar, not Tamriel itself. The Morrowind Chapter kicks off one of Elder Scrolls Online's best narrative arcs, but it's not its best contribution to the game.

The Warden class was added to the game, changing the metadata, offering a new way to experience the game, and becoming Elder Scrolls Online's first new class since the original release. Almost every DLC and chapter, with the exception of the current year's expansion pack, is included in ESO+, the subscription service version of Elder Scrolls Online. The game is a free base game if players buy it, but almost all subsequent content must be purchased separately without a subscription, that is, except for The Morrowind Chapter.

The Morrowind Chapter was added to the standard edition of the game a few years after its release. However, it only adds PvE content, not the Warden class or anything else that came with the original. Interestingly, the Standard Edition of ESO does not include the Imperial City, Dark Brotherhood, Orsinium, or Thieves Guild DLC, despite the earlier release. Secondly, players can choose IGGM to buy ESO Gold.

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