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Delta Airlines Tickets Booking And Same Day Flight Change & Standby Policy

Delta airlines offer some of the best flight deals and packages to its passengers. Especially, who are the frequent flyers to the Delta know it better? Moreover, when it comes to the reservation processes and all, Delta Airlines Tickets Booking is way easier than the others. Passengers can do so by calling the Delta customer service phone number. Also, they can visit the website, go to the ‘book a flight ticket, and confirm their flight bookings.



Delta Airlines is making sure that the passengers feel comfortable and confident while making flight bookings with them. Among others,  Delta Same Day Flight Change is one of them. Let’s talk in detail.


What Does  Delta Same Day Flight Change & Standby Policy Say?


When you talk about a Delta Same Day Flight Change & Standby Policy, you must be talking about changing the flight within 24 hours of booking. Have a glance at these important point talking on flight change:


  • First, you need to remember that this might not work in your favor based on the availability of the flights.

  • The airline charges USD 75 if you get a seat available on the same day with the same fare as your original flight.

  • Diamond, gold medallion, and platinum members of Delta Airlines get this facility is complimentary.

 Now, let’s talk about the Delta Airlines Standby policy.



Delta Airlines Standby Policy


Now, passengers must understand that the flights are not always available on the same you need to change your flight. In such cases, Delta puts you on standby. Due to the unavailability of flights on the same day of your flight change, passengers put on standby need to wait for the flight seats. 


How can I avail of Delta Airlines Standby Policy?


The eligibility criteria for availing of the standby policy on the same day are:


  • Passengers can get a standby only if flights are not available on the same day

  • Also, passengers need to confirm this with the airline when 24 hours or more is left from the flight departure time.

  • Passengers with Silver medallions and SkyMiles can get bookings only in flights scheduled before the departure of their previous booked flights.

  • Whereas passengers with Gold, Platinum, and Diamond memberships can avail of this at any point in time  


So, we hope you all have understood what you need to do if you want to go for Delta Airlines Tickets Booking Same Day Flight Change & Standby Policy.


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