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RuneScape - The downside is, because of lag

Actually I saw 20k-30k in exp two days in str, which is more than my average... I rarely train for RS gold time than an hour or so in a strech, as i like making frnds and enjoying myself more than having skills. This isn't a good idea for my needs, as i said in 1st post, I've not completed the fremmy quests, which is an exaggeration.

How much is proselyt? I'm not able to afford buying armour that degrades, so I'd like to know if proselyt will also degrading. Thanks for the info. It's very cheap and not degradable and the only thing that is good is it has the best prayer bonus . But for defense I would not recommend. In training, def doesn't mean crap. Prayer and str are more important as do Prosy over Guthans Plate.

Prayers, if they are used often (just as a protection prayer) will wipe out my prayers to 0 in about one minute or two. I can flash my prayers to protect (on prior to opp atks and off after) along with 2 pray pots, it can run for much longer than the time it takes me to have full inv.

The downside is, because of lag, even this happens from time occasion, and then i'm hit. If I don't have a good def, those few seconds of lag could mean the loss of half my savings lol. Therefore, if i switch on my pray continuosly at the time i get 2-4 kills. (blue drags) and with the pros it would give me an extra few seconds and i wouldn't be able to keep praying in a pot because it's costly as well... But ty anyways.

I'd definitely recommend taking the Fremminik Quests. They're fun and come with an Neitiznot Helmet which is one of the most effective helmets you can find in game. Secondly, since you've got 1mil in your budget, I'd suggest you play Barbarian Assault so you can buy the Fighter Torso. It's cheap as it provides great Strength bonuses and buy OSRS gold is decently aesthetically pleasing.

on January 28 at 1:31

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