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Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas Trailer Content

Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas is coming, and everything was revealed on January 27th.

Grinding Gear Games has revealed the content for the next season of Path of Exile. Players will buy POE Currency as a preparation according to their previous habits. GGG previously showed a new trailer for Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas, showing a couple of blue monsters that might want to destroy everything.

The trailer is only a 20-second trailer, revealing a blue winger’s water character. The creature stood there menacingly, tentacles spewing from the surrounding ground. Then the creature hissed and smiled in the dark depths, revealing the new Path of Exile named Siege of Atlas. 

While Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas doesn’t reveal much, many believe the end game will be transformed. Players also learned in the follow-up that the new season is Archnemesis. And Maven is one of the big bad guys. Players are very curious about this monster, and they have considered POE Currency Buy to enhance their ability to compete with it.

It’s also worth mentioning that GGG posted about the Scourge League to let people know its ending. For now, there’s no guarantee it’ll come back. However, Scourge may return at some future events. Those who enjoy Scourge Leagues may look forward to the day they can continue to spend POE Currency to continue exploring it.

In these last few days, players need to be busy. They might as well buy POE Currency at POECurrency. In addition, players can learn more about Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas news there.

on January 28 at 2:30

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