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What Players Need to Know About Shadow Shards in New World

Old New World players know that if they want to upgrade their equipment, they need to find some materials or buy New World Coins to achieve their goals. And New World recently introduced a new in-game material to help players upgrade their gear.

Amazon’s New World, released last year, was the company’s first foray into MMORPGs. Although there have been some bumps along the way, New World’s launch has been successful enough and maintains a top player base. New World draws a lot from the classic MMO in terms of combat, polishing, and crafting, while also bringing a lot of benefits in terms of gameplay and progression. This also promotes the desire of players to buy New World Coins.

Players must understand that upgrading a piece of equipment with Umbral Shards does not turn it into a legendary item, nor does it give it additional perks. Upgrading a piece of gear will only increase the item’s scaling to 625 power level. Players can buy New World Coins to get Umbral Shards.

To use Umbral Shards, players must first own a piece of equipment to level up. This piece of equipment must have a score of 590 or higher. In addition, the experience of that equipment slot must be above 590. If both requirements are met, the only thing left is to have the correct number of Shadow Shards needed to upgrade the gear to the desired score.

So if players need, they might as well buy New World Coins at IGGM. They will provide players with cheap prices and high-quality services.

on February 7 at 1:43

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