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How does The Elder Scrolls Online's maps compare to other games?

Like many of the game's previous chapters, Elder Scrolls Online will likely expand the game world significantly. As the game continues to evolve, with many fans speculating that it will eventually explore areas beyond Tamriel, it's worth asking how big Elder Scrolls Online's map is now and how it compares to other mainline games in the series.

Unlike many recent mainline Elder Scrolls games, from Morrowind to Oblivion to Skyrim, games in the series tend to focus on exploring just one region at a time, be it Morrowind, Cyrodiil, or Skyrim. One important difference when examining map size in Elder Scrolls Online compared to other games is that ESO isn't technically an open-world game, at least not like Skyrim or Oblivion. Players will get a lot of Elder Scrolls Online Gold while completing the mission.

Instead, it is divided into smaller sub-locations. For example, ESO's Elsweyr chapter allows players to venture through the northern regions of Elsweyr that would otherwise be inaccessible in the base game. To that end, Elder Scrolls fans who want to piece together the game's overall size will have to do so by examining the general areas of each map and adding them together. Secondly, for some players who want to Buy ESO Gold, IGGM is a good choice.

While almost every other mainline Elder Scrolls game has an easily measurable map size, it gets a little complicated when checking the total area of the arena. While the game covers all of Tamriel, like Elder Scrolls Online, it's a more traditional open world than ESO. In fact, the developers intend for players to quickly travel between key locations, although Arena's manual states that walking between cities is possible, even though the player may need to spend hours or even days in the real world to complete the journey. Unfortunately, this has never been successfully proven to be true, and any distances listed on the game's fast-travel map exist only in legend, not actual game space.

on February 7 at 5:06

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