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Madden 22 Super Bowl Present Part 2 Players

In the Madden 22 Super Bowl, this time the Rams and Bengals will be in the spotlight.

Madden 22 Super Bowl plans are already in full swing in Ultimate Team as the big game looms, but it’s not done yet. And what players are looking forward to most is that they can buy Madden 22 Coins to get the newly released player cards.

For now, players have gotten a player reveal and details on when the Madden 22 Super Bowl players will arrive in the Part 2 edition.

This year’s Madden 22 Super Bowl promotion has been drawing inspiration from the Ghosts of Madden program in Ultimate Team as they channel the greats of the past, present, and possibly the future. Now they’re turning to modern legends, ready to walk into LVI and try to leave with Lombardi. This inspired many players to buy MUT Coins.

The rest of the Madden 22 Super Bowl Part 2 will be officially announced on Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 10:30AM ET. often, it’s hard to predict what types of players will emerge, but there’s one big difference that the decline is entirely focused on the NFL’s two teams.

Only the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams have earned their way to today’s Super Bowl, which puts them center stage in the ultimate team promotion.

In Part 1 of this promo, they dropped 16 Elite, 8 Heroes, 2 LTD and 2 Special cards for 28 new players in Ultimate Team. These cards can be purchased by players for Madden 22 Coins as needed.

The only player announced so far is the 95 OVR version of Trey Hendrickson shown above, which will probably make him one hero in Part 2. And this player is well worth paying Madden 22 Coins to add him to their team.

During each event, players should also buy Madden 22 Coins at GameMS to satisfy their needs. This is a very reliable seller and has received excellent reviews from many players because of the price and service.

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on February 11 at 1:21

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