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I literally got my fire cape back today I'll provide

These are the averages. The most I can obtain, and I'm usually do not, is 60k an hour. There are other hours where I've gotten around 103k exp an hour. Ivies average 75k Exp/hr. 80k is pushing the limit. 3-4 weeks is a good estimate depending on runescape gold your current speed. If you get bored you are able to do Stealing Creation for Hatchets which gives you double the performance. Concerning the firemaking question, The average logs burned per hour is 1000. So it will be less than 100 hours.
I literally got my fire cape back today I'll provide you with some suggestions. Start with the equipment and inv 100 diamond (e) bolts for Jad. 1 ranging potion, only apply 2 doses prior jad or all four in jad. 10 brews. 15 . Super restorations. 1 Enchanted excalibur.
Bring 1k broads. You'll only require 500-700. Switch helm to either Veracs or neitiznot. Legs to either prossy or verac. Boots for either rune or dragon. As far as the strategies are concerned, trapping the 180's with the 360's or 45's is the most important thing to do.
The other one has been killing the 90's. 360's and 45's should be last. Try to eliminate the 22's as fast as possible because they take away prayer. The most difficult waves are 53-60 which is when the 360/180/90 trifecta comes out. One trick to avoid it is first locate the 90, go behind it, take it down, and then run around the 360 or to either dragon/italy rock and trap it while killing the 360.
Once you get to jad, brew/sup up to full stats and an ranging pot, then put on range pray. If he hits you it is your first task to find out which attack is you're facing next. You should make sure to brew/sup/range between prayer switches. When it comes to healers, it is recommended that you are praying eagle eye/steel skin and you either tank them or kill them one by one. The latter is simpler when it comes to time but could be more hazardous. Have fun.
If you want to improve your stats, I'd suggest 85 Attack and Strength, and 80 Defense. You can use less stats, but it's inefficient to have slow kills/not numerous kills over the course of a game. It would be nice to have Eadgars Ruse done, simply because it's a quicker route to GWD. I'd also suggest having the required Summoning Level for at least a War Tortoise that can store items.
I tried to maintain the armor to keep it from being excessively expensive, for instance a Divine Spirit Shield would be the best choice however, not everyone can afford that. I hope this has helped, if you're looking for osrs buy accounts an inventory, simply inquire. It's usually not that difficult to work out the details.

on February 15 at 1:27

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