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Star Wars The Old Republic new trailer reveals the future of MMOs

The new Star Wars Disorder trailer is out now, bringing back the stars of the Old Republic's first trailer and setting the story for the Legacy of the Sith DLC.

While it's still one of the best Star Wars games on PC, Star Wars The Old Republic is known for its incredible collection of cinematic CG trailers. The game's original trailer, Deceived, introduced players to the Sith Lord Darth Malgus in what may be the best Star Wars trailer ever. It even got an official 4K remaster on top of the new expansion.

The new trailer, Disorder, brings Margus back with the Jedi Sahar Katen, who may play a major role in Legacy of the Sith while her master Denom'or may not. Set on the planet Elom, the story involves a mysterious artifact where Margos wants SWTOR Gold for some sinister purpose.

Unlike previous trailers produced by Blur Studios, Disorder was produced by Industrial Light & Magic. The Lucasfilm-owned visual effects company has been working on each one since the original Star Wars film in 1977. Either way, this is impressive stuff.

As for the Legacy of the Sith expansion pack, the Old Republic is currently under maintenance, but when it returns, the DLC will be available. Includes a new storyline continuing from the trailer, big class changes, and the Old Republic from the planet Manan of Knights. It's important to note that players should strive to earn SWTOR Credits in the new expansion, and they can choose to Buy SWTOR Credits on IGGM.

on February 17 at 3:06

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