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I'm not an expert when it comes to helmets

Hey guys , I know there are a lot of these types of threads. I used reply to runescape gold them myself a while back, but I am unsure of to know what's happening, which new developments have been made as well as what's good/bad/nooby.
Go through the rest of what I've written that doesn't make sense.. I wish you luck with that. So I just bought membership a few days ago I was swayed by a fellow member in addition to The Mad May thing, and the moment I logged on to the members' community, I realized that I didn't know what I should do. Since then, I've done regular farming along with slayers assignments, and clue scrolls. But now I'm exhausted of things to complete in the remaining three weeks of my membership.
So any suggestions on what could be a good idea to work on, any minigames to try or just things that are enjoyable and rewarding to play with RS members currently. There's tons of new armour and a few new weapons available to members I'm not sure which ones are appropriate for my level and the best weapon to use for slaying and general battle stuff (80 Att, 75 Def, 83 Str as well as an 81 HP). If you have suggestions for an item I could purchase and use, that would be awesome; I've got $50m cash available, however I'd rather not invest excessively.
Then I'm looking for some training skills to reach 99 or at a minimum higher levels, but I'm not sure how to train without spending lots of money with no gain, what's the best spending or. My experience should be listed in my signature, if not then I'll add immediately.
If you're looking to invest minimally (under 10M), then a set of Barrows armor and some lovely peripherals (fury however, it's not necessarily the best) will give you a lot for your money. There are, however, some very good things you can get. It's likely that you've not been here for a while.
A rogue with a strange rapier. The most powerful melee weapon you can use one hand that is acquired after dungeoneering for a while it requires at minimum 80 dunge in order to purchase it, by using the dunge reward system. The most chaotic weapons are the most powerful in their field.
Bandos chestplate and tassets. Price is dropping, they are the buy inferno cape osrs most popular items to buy if you've got some cash. 12M for one item or 12M for another. They also give boost in strength and a prayer bonus.
I'm not an expert when it comes to helmets, however if you're going to be slaying, you should have the full Slayer helm to get its bonus features (likewise Salve amulet if it's relevant) and the helm of Verac, if you're not.
In terms of boots, you'll want to stick to dragon. There are more comfortable boots, known as "ragefire" I'm sure but I'm not sure you'll want to put your money on them. For gloves, try barrowing gloves from RFD or potentially an goliath glove that are from dominion tower.

on February 19 at 2:04

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