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New servers are now online in Lost Ark

Lost Ark, this year’s exciting new MMO experience, is largely an exciting new queue simulator for European players. While Amazon Games correctly predicts the number of players logging into North American servers, which have largely had no queues since launch, the publisher seems to underestimate the general popularity of PC games in Europe, and games with deep math, especially Pretty Ladies them. In order to improve the game experience, many players buy Lost Ark Gold to take part in the game.

Recently, eight servers in a new region called Europe West went live. Amazon said they expected opening a new region would reduce, rather than eliminate, queue times in central Europe. Players need to know that if they move to a new region, they will continue to use Royal Crystals and Crystalline Aura. Other items may not be moved to the new region together.

Since Lost Ark does not allow server transfer and the temptation to move to a new area, this also stimulates players’ desire to buy Lost Ark Gold to a certain extent. To sweeten the deal, players restarting on Western Europe servers will be rewarded with several original characters, including Lost Ark Gold. The eight new servers are called Rethramis, Tortoyk, Moonkeep, Stonehearth, Shadespire, Tragon, Petrania and Punika.

Players, no matter which game server they are on, need to complete game tasks in order to improve their character rating and game performance. Players who want to be lazy can also choose to Buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM to speed up the game. This is a professional seller who provides trustworthy trading systems and trading methods.

on February 21 at 3:05

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