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Amazon says it’s impossible to increase Lost Ark’s EU server capacity

Since the game launched in the EU and North America earlier this month, many players have prepared enough Lost Ark Gold and poured into the game because it is too popular. Lost Ark players in Europe have been in long queues. Last week, Amazon Gaming created a new region called Europe West to help ease the pressure, though it warned that Europe West servers would only “reduce, not eliminate, queue times in Europe Central.” Unfortunately, this seems to be as good as it will get.

In the new update, the Lost Ark team admits it can’t do anything about Central Europe itself, apparently because of the game’s underlying structure. Community Manager TrevzorFTW stated Central Europe is at full capacity and unfortunately cannot increase the number of players in each world in Central Europe. Adding more servers is impossible based on the complexity of all the systems that need to work together. The situation is further complicated because Lost Ark does not fully support server transfers.

A server transfer option just launched in South Korea, Lost Ark has been running since 2019, but it’s a manual process, runs weekly, and doesn’t support cross-region transfers, meaning players can move to other server hubs in Europe, but not a new server in Western Europe. TrevzorFTW stated that this is not a viable option for the Western version at the Lost Ark Gold, but they will work hard to solve this problem for players.

Western Europe is great for newcomers and players who haven’t progressed in Lost Ark Gold in Central Europe, but not so much for players who are deep into it and don’t want to leave the character and progress. As a temporary aid, Amazon is offering a second variation to players who have purchased Lost Ark Gold founders packs, so they can start new characters in new regions without losing all the startup loot they paid for. Players can buy Lost Ark Gold at and check out some guides there to smooth out their game.

on February 23 at 1:36

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