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What does Star Wars The Old Republic's new machine look like?

As BioWare revisits distant galaxies with Star Wars The Old Republic's latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith, one of the most interesting aspects so far is that SWTOR Credits left over from the universe's past could affect its future.

The trailer focuses heavily on Darth Malgus as he tries to bring order to the galaxy in a different way than was envisioned by both light and dark sides. His and others' discovery of the aforementioned machine is the highlight of the clip. After extracting exactly what the object is and what consequences it could have if it were still there, this machine could be the most powerful weapon in the Star Wars franchise.

Now, if other machines exist, this machine presents a lot of problems. Malgus can use them to find other rejected Jedi candidates and Buy SWTOR Credits, away from the Sith but not near the Light. He can also find Force users before the Jedi get close to them, turning them into extremists, similar to how Cerebro worked for Professor Xavier and his X-Men.

Malgus can even use these machines to find dark side candidates he wants to follow his vision rather than the Sith. Interestingly, he can also use the machine to track and kill users on both sides if he thinks they are a threat to his philosophy. It's a huge revelation, and whether it's another machine or just a hologram filled with all this data, this arc can be extended in future movies and TV shows.

It will provide intelligence on tracking down the descendants of Forgotten Souls. Some may feel unworthy, some may have untapped potential, and some may be misled and seek purpose. They'll be vulnerable, making the rise of the new army Rey and the Resistance have to worry about. As for who's behind the Zealot's recruiting tool, given that Margos left his diary for Palpatine and Vader to use, the new villain could be tempted just like Vader and Kylo Ren, and eager to make Weapons of Mass Destruction to repair the galaxy. So the most important thing players need to do now is to earn SWTOR Credits as soon as possible, they can try to buy SWTOR Credits, IGGM is a safe site.

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on February 24 at 2:05

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