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Why is Darth Malgus so desperate in the Legacy of the Sith trailer?

The game's superb cinematic trailer is considered the best part of modern Star Wars. The trailer defines fans' perception of the days of the Old Republic by introducing countless characters and a massive lightsaber clash. A sinister trailer called Disorder has now been released to promote an expansion called Legacy of the Sith. However, the trailer's main character, Darth Malgus, displays an unpleasant sense of desperation during the duel.

Darth Malgus first appeared in a trailer for 2009's Star Wars: The Old Republic, titled "Decived." It shows Margus as the leader of a commando who sacked the Jedi Temple, killed half of the Jedi Council and tainted their order. It's also worth noting that Margos personally killed Jedi Master Venzalo after a ferocious duel. The first outing firmly established Darth Margos' reputation as one of the most powerful and bloodthirsty Sith of his era.

During his lifetime, Margoth was a savage Sith who led many military operations for the Sith Empire, and he enjoyed doing so. As a Sith warrior, he always led his followers from the front because he loved seeing the terror of his victims and hearing their death cries.

At the end of the trailer, Margos holds the hologram in hand, Master Orr is dead, and Caitlin questions her identity as a Jedi. However, he clearly didn't kill the bloodthirsty Jedi Sith in order to do so. He just wanted the hologram and reaped SWTOR Gold, and the Jedi just got in the way. The reason Malgus desperately needed the hologram was because it contained a list of Force-adjacent people whom the Jedi did not consider worthy of their orders.

Of course, as Legacy of the Sith shows, Margos didn't let Elom leave with the hologram. In fact, he left as a Jedi or Sith captive, depending on the player's game preference. Regardless, it looks like Margos' personal future is in jeopardy, even if his grand plans are just getting started. And what players need to do in the game is to earn SWTOR Credits, and they'd better choose to Buy SWTOR Credits on IGGM.

on February 25 at 1:55

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