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SWTOR Legacy of the Sith falls short of expectations

Legacy of the Sith makes bold promises to its player base for the upcoming tenth anniversary of the game, such as exciting changes to the game's outdated career system. This set high expectations, and following the exciting launch trailer, players flocked to explore the new combat style and experience the chapter's great story.

Unfortunately, Legacy of the Sith didn't deliver on many of the things it promised players, even though its release was delayed by two months for additional work. Perhaps most infuriating is the ever-growing list of known bugs that render much of the game unplayable, leaving players unhappy. Even great storytelling can't make up for the expansion, which is disappointingly limited to a few hours of content at best.

Story is at the heart of Star Wars, so it's no surprise that Legacy of the Sith's narrative is excellent. Starting with the stormy Manaan, players are quickly immersed in the story through engaging cutscenes and thorough dialogue. Both parts of the expansion immerse players in their respective factions, with a plethora of faction choices allowing players to earn SWTOR Credits on their own terms. It's also great to see so many recognizable characters return in the expansion, and the conversations they have with players are so much fun.

Sadly, the story is brilliant, with less than an hour of cutscenes and no more than two hours of quest content on both sides, made worse by the lack of end-game content after the event. The number of quests is insignificant by the standards of the game itself, especially compared to other expansions such as Knights of the Eternal Throne and Knights of the Fallen Empire. In a way, calling the campaign an extension is absurd given its brevity. Still, that doesn't stop some players from loving it, they're actively earning SWTOR Credits, and they're starting to buy SWTOR Credits at IGGM.

on February 28 at 2:41

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