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"Normal" (as it is not Nex) GWD armour is enough

A charity giveaway is fine. A trade of favours however isn't. We're talking about RS gold subscription codes. I've got about seven Subscription Codes (I think I've got them but I'm going to check again) that I wont use so I decided that I would give them away to those who cannot afford to purchase one.
I was thinking of doing as follows: Create a thread on the giveaway and then I will ask questions similar to. Why should I offer you a Membership? Why do you like Runescape? What are you planning to do with the Membership? These questions will make it easier for me to pick the best option and hinder members from selling their code or to prevent lazy spammers from getting these codes.
"Normal" (as it is not Nex) GWD armour is enough for the Slayer task. It's not a lot of money (for an individual with the funds) it doesn't have to be replaced and also gives offensive benefits. You should keep a Barrows set that includes every kind of fighting style (Verac's, Ahrim's and Karil's) for the small number of Slayer tasks which require the highest level of protection.
Glacor boots are some of the best boots available. Barrow gloves aren't very well anymore. They're hybrid gloves. They have some uses however, if I were in your shoes I'd choose the TWW Automaton gloves (Static Pneumatic, Tracking). They're the equivalent gloves to Glacor boots.
Amulet of Fury is a good amulet, the most effective hybrid amulet in fact. However, if you have funds to spend , it might be worthwhile to invest in a Saradomin's Hess (second highest magic amulet in front of the Stream Neck), Murmur (currently the top melee amulet available) along with Whisper (best amulet that can be used in a range).
Melee weapons : If you don't have chaotics , you can buy Drygores, they're better but costly. If you don't want to spend much money, just go with your Saradomin's Godsword. (or take a course in Dung and obtain maul)
Magic weapons are available for purchase Virtus Wand and Book, however they're much more expensive than Drygores. Seismic Wand and Lonely are at a ridiculous price right now according to the ge price, the wand's worth is 500Mish but it is actually worth 2 bucks. If you don't wish to shell out a fortune, purchase an Arma battlestaff. It's definitely not as good as the buy rs3 gold Chaotic staff, but it's superior to SoL at the very least.

on March 1 at 3:27

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