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WOW TBC Classic makes some adjustments and fixes for PvP

In response to the influx of feedback since the WOW beta was released. The developers are stripping away the restriction system in Shadowlands. And on November 2, Blizzard Entertainment made big changes to World of Warcraft in patch 9.1.5, which also made some changes and tweaks to PVP.

In a PvP situation, lower item level PvP gear will now scale to a higher item level than before. Relatively speaking, this can burn the power level gap, in order to make it easier for new characters to fight in Battlegrounds and Arenas. Premium item PvP gear will not be affected by this change.

In order to allow players to have a more refined upgrade path when leveling up, additional PvP rankings and TBC Classic Gold item level rankings have been added. In addition, upgrading Unrated gear has reduced the Honor cost by about 25%, and the Conquest cost of upgrading Rated gear has been adjusted to be distributed in the new ranking.
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In terms of Covenants, Necrolord's ability, Fleshcraft now absorbs 30% of max health in PvP battles instead of 40%. And at the start of a Battleground or Arena match, any Fleshcraft that absorbs more than 30% of their max health will now be reduced to equal 30% of their max health.

In Battlegrounds and Brawls, Horde was unable to win the Isle of Conquest by destroying the Alliance gate with reinforcements. In Temple of Hotmogu, an issue where the Orb of Power would not respawn when passed to a player with immune activation was fixed.

In the PvP of WOW TBC Classic, there are also a large number of game mode level players to experience. Since each player is very powerful, in order to win the game, you need to improve your combat ability as much as possible. Buying a variety of gear and consumables through TBC Classic Gold will give you a combat edge. Now MMOWTS is selling a lot of TBC Classic Gold at low prices, if you want to get a lot of TBC Classic Gold faster, you can go there and try it.

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on March 4 at 2:15

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