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So, that's prestige. When you're in a group

I'm averaging a few hundred tokens and since I don't have enough tokens, I'm unable take advantage of any rewards that come from playing dungeoneering (I would like to have an axe for hunting/combat-training). The method I used to runescape gold gain knowledge of the skill is through tears of guthix, Jack of Trades, penguin points and lamps from quests and sof. I kinda cheated my way through the skill and now I'm just a dungeoneering novice at level 63.
Therefore, please guide me on the art of Dungeoneering. How can I earn tokens on time What are the best practices (and (un)written regulations) of being a part of a team and lastly what is this prestige thing?
BTW I noticed that you've got an error at the top... The Dugneon Lawl. Prestige is a thing you do after you've completed all of your floors. Let's say I did the floor 1 using Prestige 1. Prestige 1 means I completed 1 floor then pressed on the prestige icon. So, I'll get alright XP. However, let's say that I was on the Floor 31 and I was on Prestige 1: I'd get lower XP.
Prestige, as well as Floor are your primary rates of XP for the level you have completed (then deaths, level-mods, deaths and so on. kick in). In other words, if you've completed 30 floors, you press the prestige before you go to floor 31. You're xp should be around 100% due to the average of your prestige and the floor.
So, that's prestige. When you're in a group, you must always have the equivalent of an arsenal of tools (whether purchased or bound) as well as laws/cosmics or astrals if you have additional details. Astrals can be used to remove poison, and are thus valuable in abandoned 2/warped (abandoned are usually broken) skeletons. CRUSH skeletons. Attack styles are the most popular feature of dugneoneering.
Make a bind on a 2h blade (the highest quality you can find), if you don't possess the smithing skills required to create it, then go to the 'Dung Smith' FC. Once you get the Shadow Silk Hood from a night spider, tie it too. Until then, use the highest tier platebody (again the 'Dung Smith FC)
Bind Law runs until you come across an Celestial surgebox (from the high-level Forgotten Mages. It looks like a little silver box wielded by them in their spare time). If you come across an surge box, create enough runes for 125 air surges, and put it in the box, then tie it. Then, when you get the surgebox it will be able to create at least 125 air surges. That's all I've seen, if you have any concerns, contact me on Sals.
It looks like the combat feature is making the game more similar to WoW..? Which isn't really a bad thing Imo. What I'd love to have is a dungeon-based system similar to WoW with a healer or tank, dps or buy osrs coins dps. That's way too much. The EoC as it is is adequate enough to pull RS out of its stale combat mechanics. You've clearly never PvP'd...

on March 12 at 1:16

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