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Most of the duped items in New World have been removed

The New World team is currently taking action against the exploited item duplication vulnerability, which has disrupted wealth transfers for approximately two days until the vulnerability is fixed. In keeping with the promise of consequences for exploiters, the team has been working hard to help reduce the damage to the economy.

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And now, Amazon has updated its progress on that last area. Those who have been involved in the loophole in some way have been temporarily suspended or permanently banned. Those who directly exploit the vulnerability will have harsher penalties, while players who may have accidentally duped items or may receive items will continue to wait for a temporary ban.

Amazon is actively eliminating as many duped items as possible in order to prevent a large number of duped items from entering the economy, which will have a certain impact on the economy.

Ultimately, most of the duplicate items were removed from the Cheap New World Coins game by the team, and it was announced that players with more than 500 of the most active exploiters had been permanently banned. And those who were temporarily banned wait for their accounts to resume normal access.

While there are still some duped items in the game, they shouldn't have much impact on the economy. Don't want to wait? Come buy New World Coins at According to AGS: Some high value items like eggs, trophy materials, powerful incense have been removed by the team, and those remaining items will not have a long-term impact on the economy.

It has to be said that New World has had various item and gold dupe bugs since its release, and the team is working tirelessly to reduce the impact that occurs.

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on March 24 at 5:08

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