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What Specific Diseases Can Be Prevented Thanks To Our Diet?

The vast majority of them It is estimated that our lifestyle proper diet, exercise, rest, stress management. Conditions up to 50% of our health. On the other hand, having a hospital and treatments only 10%. Our genetics, 20-30%, and the rest, the environment (air pollution, sunlight, etc). Therefore, to prevent diseases and improve our health, what matters most are the small choices we make on a daily basis, such as what to eat? It will help us not to die from cardiovascular diseases, cancer (breast, prostate, blood...), lung disease, liver disease, kidney failure, brain diseases (such as dementia, depression, Parkinson's.

What is the first thing we should change about our diet if we want to make it an ally in the prevention of certain diseases, such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases?

The change that has the most weight to improve our health is to eat more fruit and vegetables, since at Buyinmind; it is what we have worse. If we ate enough fruit and vegetables, almost 4 million deaths would be saved worldwide. And it is that the consumption is well below the minimum, it is estimated that 60% of the population eats a piece of fruit a day... The recommendations of health organizations are an intake of 30-38g fiber for men and 20-25g women daily. For every 7 grams of fiber a day, the risk of having a heart attack decreases by almost 10% .among other heart conditions. This fiber is found, how we can imagine, in vegetables and fruits. But also in cereals if we consume them whole and whole, that is, take buckwheat, oat flakes, millet, brown rice... instead of always taking them in the form of pasta, bread or breakfast cereals.

Is eating well and healthily more expensive than eating poorly?

No, on the contrary. Eating healthy is not an expense but an investment. Because this money that we allocate to healthy food in the future is going to save us thousands of euros that we would have to allocate to drugs, treatments, recovery, etc. if we fall ill. It is not necessary to have a large budget to eat well; supposedly healthy and expensive foods are expendable: it is not necessary to eat quinoa, brought from the other side of the world, which increases its price. We have a wonderful cereal, from proximity, just as healthy, but much cheaper and more sustainable, which is buckwheat. As for fruit and vegetables, if we want to buy them at a better price, but also of better organoleptic and nutritional quality, we must choose to go more to the market and less to the supermarket.

Are there foods we should declare 'friends forever'?

In a very schematic way, to make it easy, we must increase the consumption of: fruit and vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole and whole grains, seeds and last but not least, physical exercise. That if not, we will be a very well nourished patient.


on April 17 at 1:23

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