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Top Considerations For Getting Maximum Impact When Designing Sky Signs


Sky signs are among the most permanent company advertisements that are visible which, you can ever get. Hundreds of thousands, probably millions of pedestrians and motorists see them daily. For several firms, the signs are taken to be beacons of their success and are seen with great pride. That’s why it’s so crucial to get them designed and installed properly.


First planning consideration


High-value viewing spaces are the best locations for these signs, and getting access to these areas can cost hundreds of thousands in dollars – and that’s even before the sign’s installation. The sign’s real estate is extremely costly, so firms must be sure that the sign will suit their purpose during both the day as well as the night. An accurate and detailed survey must be done on the roof area in which the proposed sign is to be located to ascertain the precise shape and size of the area in which the installation shall occur. There are several aspects to supplying and installing this type of sign and this article will look at a few of them.


Sign design


The design of this type of sign is the key to succeeding with the whole project. There are several aspects that must be considered to maximum impact to the installation of the sign.

·         Features – Several company logos appear excellent on low-level signage as well as stationery. Nevertheless, when a company directs its hired signage company in Brisbane to utilise the same logo on this type of sign, it could turn out significantly less legible as a result of the limitations from the stroke size that could be attained for the style of fonts that’s been chosen, as well as physical height. Choice of colours is crucial too, because if the current wall colour closely matches that of the logo, it will certainly decrease legibility too.

·         Size – As an effective rule of thumb, a letter or font that’s 2.4 meter high could typically be seen legibly from a 1000 meter distance – even though this, obviously, depends on the location of such a sign on the building as well as the intervening landscape. There might also be problems with the amount of wall area that is available for the installation. Logos and signs feature minimum white space requirements which, most certainly turns out to impact on the sign’s visibility in the long run.

·         Testing before actual installation –A scaled artwork of the proposed sign should be produced first. The images should showcase the sign fully installed on the building, with a collection of varying montages highlighting the sign as seen from varying instances. In certain instances, these will turn out to reveal that the logo needs to be tweaked to make sure that the maximum impact is fully attained, allowing for the amount of space that’s available on the building.


Ongoing maintenance for sky signs must be taken as a component of the design of the sign. This is because frequently, the location in which they are installed isn’t that easily accessible. And, due to their size – they feature truly large components – the demand labour and time to be dismantled, particularly to reach their lighting components. 

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