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What Do You Need For The Car Wash?

Which tools should be available before the car wash depends a bit on personal preferences, as well as how thorough you want to be. However, many choose to use the following remedies or a combination of the following:

v  Car shampoo

v  Bucket (preferably two - one to rinse the sponge or glove with clean water and one for the soapy water. Possibly also a grate for one bucket, eg a 'grit guard')

v  Sponge (possibly several) or gentle car brush

v  Microfiber cloth / wash skin

v  High pressure cleaner or water hose

v  Foam lance

v  Possibly rim cleaner, rim brush and rim sealer

You can find various relevant products on the market here.

Lime stains

A perpetually recurring problem associated with car washing is limescale stains. However, there are different ways to solve this problem. Some people recommend that you wash your car in the rain, and thereby utilize the clean water directly from nature. Others spray distilled water on their car under the sink and dry afterwards with a microfiber towel or washcloth of some kind, such as a lambswool glove. There are also various products that can also be used to avoid limescale stains after the car wash - for example, some people prefer to add a little rinse aid to the washing mixture. If you choose the latter solution, however, you must be careful to make a correct dosage so that the paint does not get damaged.

Winter washing of the car

Many people choose to wash the car more frequently in the winter, both to keep it neat and to prevent any salt damage. However, one should be aware that a quick slip past a laundry room is primarily a cosmetic improvement. A superficial wash does not remove the critical dirt and grime, and the actual prevention against salt damage should be based on lacquer sealing and rust protection which has been applied before the winter weather hit.

You can wash your car even if it is still minus degrees, but it is important that the rubber strips have been given silicone and that the locks have been given a shot of locking oil before. It is also recommended to wipe door frames and moldings thoroughly after washing, to prevent anything from freezing. If you plan to take the car in the Bilvask, it is very important that you have removed ice from the car before, as the car can be scratched if the wash brushes run ice around the paint.

Steam washing

An alternative to the classic car wash is the newer phenomenon of steam washing. There is an environmental bonus to this type of wash, since a much smaller amount of water is used for the process - approx. 3-6 liters of water via steam washing, where a traditional laundry room can use up to 300 liters on a sink. In addition, you avoid various chemicals and the hot steam penetrates well into various cracks and removes hard-to-reach dirt. Last but not least, of course, you also avoid scratches in the car. After washing, the car should be dried and possibly polished with microfiber cloths or similar.


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