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Common mistakes you need to avoid when working with clothing manufacturers

Working with professional streetwear clothing manufacturers Americacan be an exciting experience if you know how to relate with the manufacturers properly. However, if you do not relate with the manufacturers properly or if you choose the wrong manufacturer, you will find the experience daunting. Just like any other business, working with a different party to have your products manufactured comes with different challenges.

If you are ready to turn your clothing designs into reality by working with a manufacturer, you should bookmark this article or commit the following tips to avoid any mistakes and misconceptions between you and your clothing manufacturer.

Communication on fashion tech packs

Poor communication is a common mistake between manufacturers and designers. Miscommunication on the tech pack of the fashion designer is a common problem. New fashion designers do not realize that these tech packs should be detailed and include a lot of information.

If manufacturers receive tech packs with unclear instructions, the result will be clothes that you had not designed, wasted time and inaccurate production costs estimate. This will frustrate you and waste time for the manufacturer as they try hard to figure out your clothing design.

Failure to update your tech pack and inform your manufacturers of any changes you have made to the design is another common mistake that can happen to new designers.

Unclear sizing instructions

When working with clothing manufacturers who are not in the same state or country as you, the manufacturers are going to have a lot of differences in garment sizing. The size chart you follow in your country will not be the same as the one used in another country. You cannot assume that the manufacturer will know which one you are following. It is therefore important to specify if you want your clothing designs to use an EU or US sizing chart or if you are creating your own chart, make sure you include your measurements for every design aspect in your clothing.

While sizing might seem obvious to some people, it is best to never assume things and always state what you have in mind.

Not confirming quality production work

Before settling on a specific manufacturer for production, it is crucial to ensure that you order samples of your design from them. This will show you the workmanship quality of your producer before you get into the costs and timelines. If the sample is of poor quality, it indicates that the design may be manufactured the same way and you will have defects.

You should check out the manufacturer in person if possible. This will ensure that you are working with a trustworthy manufacturer. While there will be some errors, if your sample is professional, it is a good sign that the defective products are less likely to happen.

Not accounting for shipping issues and payment

When working with streetwear clothing manufacturers America, shipping and payment can be tricky if you are in a different country. When you send your payments, you should ensure that you can send money out in the required currency without huge currency conversion charges.

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