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Argumentative Essay

Easy Steps to Writing an Argumentative Essay

For any students to write an award-winning academic paper, they must demonstrate that they have high skills and experience in research and writing. To be able to handle such an assignment, there are some steps one should follow to submit a perfect paper. They include:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Doing extensive research
  • Writing a rough draft
  • Focusing on thesis
  • Creating an outline
  • Going through the final copy
  • Editing and proofreading
  Choosing a Topic

Your teacher will assign a topic; therefore, getting to choose a manageable subject is very important. If you are stuck at choosing a theme, go for an interesting angle since it will give you a better chance of finding resources and a unique perspective to bring out your arguments. Make sure the issue is simple and easy to tackle


Gather Evidence

Before you embark on your research, it is usually essential to gather relevant information that will support your case. This can be magazines, journals, books, newspaper articles, and even historical documents. Remember that the best places to find reliable evidence to support your case may be difficult locations. Get diverse sources apart from government publications, newspapers, and the internet.


Good argumentative essay Introduction

Once you have gathered all the necessary information from research, then come up with a intriguing introduction. Your first paragraph should be a summary of what the paper will be discussing. Once this is done, stick to the thesis statement, which means that the rest of the body section will also be dedicated to proving the central claim.


Create Your Thesis Statement

The next step will be to establish a purpose for the argument. It would be best to prove that you have a problem-solution approach to backing your claims. While doing so, be precise as not to be vague because the professor might conclude that you skipped the point. Choose a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow, and theevidence will be enough to convince the reader.


Write the First Draft

All great essays start with a good introduction. Even though people differ on the method of drafting the intro, it is crucial to abide by the same rule. The draft will help you identify the various ideas that will be explored and why. When done, edit the second version and improve the third, thus improving the flow of the whole.

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