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What Are the Best Guest Posting Services on the Market?

guest post services

In recent years, guest posting services have become an extremely spicy topic. Also referred to as guest blogging, it relates to the act of writing content for another company. It’s called “guest post services" because it involves hiring someone else to perform the service of posting for your brand or company on their web pages in order to attract traffic back to your company’s web page.

Many clients often wonder if hiring someone for a guest post is necessary. A lot of them actually think it's a waste of money as they could write nice things about their own brand or company better than anyone. And it's free. In reality, the professionals you hire for the guest posting services don't write the content on your web page they do so on theirs. These guest posts are considered precious tools for reputation marketing for a lot of different reasons.

What You Need to Know about Guest Post Services and Basics

Guest post services are usually defined by services of another company, not your own, writing an article in which they add backlinks to your website. This practice aims to improve visibility in search engines and build website authority. This practice is used both by SEO companies and individuals. Many people who practice guest blogging think of it as just another link-building tactic. Real SEO professionals, however, view it as a way to improve connections and build stronger relationships.

First of all, your brand or company gets mentioned somewhere else. This makes the visitors of the company that mentions yours curious. It's a psychological thing. If they already love that company, why wouldn't they love yours? Second of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of guest posting. It would be best if you remembered the posts need to be extremely well-written, as the search engines of today are beginning to get choosy, and so are a lot of people. The posts need to be on topic, and they should make people want to share them on other social platforms.

Another fundamental thing for you to remember should be to never choose a site that obviously posts a lot of guest content because chances are, the content is going to be pretty much irrelevant or badly written or using some kind of spam.

What Are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

The truth is, guest blogging is a powerful tool. And like any other powerful tool, it gets misused by many who can't seem to understand the benefits of it. Kristi Hines, an SEO expert, claims some of the best professional relationships that she ever built were made possible by guest blogging. But one-time things are just not something that helps you build a strong relationship. The strongest connections are the ones on web pages where you are a constant contributor. Another way to make strong connections is to invite people to guest post for you.

You should also never forget to interact with your audience. This way, you prove to the people interacting with your post that you are not just another link builder. It shows the community you care, and it might open some doors you never saw opening before. Many SEO professionals claim that by interacting with their guest poster as well as their audience and trying to make everything pleasant for everyone, they were presented with bigger and better opportunities or even unexpected partnerships.

There are a lot of other great benefits to guest blogging. From building your online visibility to more people finding out about your business and recommending you, to having Google notice and rank links that come from reliable sources and point to your web page to brand strengthening and even gaining a good reputation.

What Company Should I Trust to Do My Guest Blogging?

Companies like Gamit claim to be the best when it comes to guest posting services. The company has more than 15 years of experience and amassed a stunning collection of thousands of happy customers. They currently have 3 plans available for their customers. The DA30+, with the price of 165 dollars, the DA40+, with the price of 275 dollars and the DA50+ with the price of 385 dollars. All 3 of these plans offer articles of 1000+ words, all very informative and original. The company takes 3 crucial steps to make sure they can get you maximized results.

The 1st step is the research. Gamit takes into consideration your competitors and their web pages. They use various methods to reverse engineer your competitors' SEO strategies and their guest posts until they find a way to ensure excellent results. The 2nd step is the implementation. Gamit will work with you hand in hand to carefully select the best topics to be used in the guest blogging articles they will provide and manually outreach to web admins in order to find hosts. The 3rd and last step is all about the results. The company will constantly send you reports containing all the work they provided for you and your web page. They are all easy to read and clearly explained.

If you're asking yourself why to use Gamit’s services, the answer couldn't be clearer. They offer niched traffic, meaning every post gets published on a web page or blog from within your industry. And because their outreach method is 100% manual, you can bet that the visitors who access the articles are definitely interested in your business. They use targeted audiences, meaning each post or article they do for you will reach your desired audience. They use all kinds of tricks to make your business look good. You can find out more about them and their services on their website.

Will Links Improve Guest Posting Services?

The answer, in this case, is not that simple. Links can improve the guest posting services, but at the same time, they can prove worthless. You might ask yourself, how is that possible? Well, if you add links to a post, but the link is not helpful at all, it becomes irrelevant. And when a visitor is really engaged with your content and wants to know more, they will click on that link. What happens when they realize the link is a hoax, nothing but an empty promise? They leave your page.

On the other hand, if you post quality content and you think the links you found are relevant and could potentially help your visitors, no amount of links is going to be too much. But that doesn’t mean you should litter the webpage and add links to every word. Nobody likes that. And it will make your webpage look like one of those scamming pages that only post scams. 

guest posting services

How the Abuse Affects Guest Posting Services

In 2013, Matthew Cutts, released a statement in which he urged people to stop using guest post services as they became more and more spammy over the years. He then went on to say how if you’re still doing guest blogging, you must be hanging out with a really bad company.

The guest post services industry was expected to die since that moment, but contrary to what Mr. Cutts was probably seeking at that moment, guest posting services never really went anywhere. Multiple people stated after Mr. Cutts' comment that web spam will always exist. However, it's not necessarily related to the guest post services. There will always be those malicious people who abuse all SEO strategies and tools for their own gains. However, this abuse is never going to stop the guest posting as it has proved to be extremely useful for many companies.

How Clickbait Came to Life Using Guest Post Services

Clickbait usually refers to on interactive word, sentence or even link. It is created to or spark curiosity in the users who see it, enticing them to follow up and click it in order to find out what that piece of content that was posted online is. Shortly after interacting with the text or link, the visitor realizes they were misled. Considered a teaser, clickbait exists to entice the curious by making them interact with the post. This practice was used a long time ago, as a marketing scheme. It is still considered a dishonest technique to hook the clients, and taken to the extreme.

Clickbait is still used today, even by some companies that provide guest post services. Even though it is primarily used to skyrocket the views on some pages, in some extreme cases, it can also be used for phishing attacks. The purpose of these attacks is to spread malicious files or steal the viewer's information. On the bright side, many web pages implemented tools to detect and diminish the clickbait problem, while others created tools to filter all clickbait-looking content. So rest easy knowing the company providing you with the service for your guest posts is most likely legit.

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