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General Overview of Different Types Of Personal Loans

You're not alone if you're looking for a solution to fix your finances and consolidate debt. Most consumers tend to have a money crunch. So consider taking out a loan. Before taking a loan, you need to compare different types of personal loans and then come to an understanding. So please read the whole article to know the types of personal loans and their uses.


What Is A Personal Loan?


A personal loan is a financial debt tool lent to borrowers from Banks and NBFCs. It helps cover various purposes such as financial emergencies, home renovation, consolidated debt, personal purchases, and other expenses. Most personal loans are lent to the borrower as a lump sum of money and are repayable throughout tenure.


However, now let's read further about different types of personal loans. They can help you determine what you should choose according to your situation.


Types Of Personal Loans


There are many types of personal loans to choose from. Any one of the options can be the right fit for you-


●      Secure Personal Loans


Secured personal loans require collateral in the form of assets like cars, property, equity etc., to serve you the desired loan amount. Generally, you can take out a secured loan for any purpose. However, note that you can complete a secured personal loan to improve your credit scores in case you have fewer credit scores. On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage is that if you end up not paying personal loans, the lender can seize the collaterals you have pledged.


●      Unsecured personal loans


Unsecured personal loans do not require any collateral to borrow personal loans. Also, you tend to get personal loans quicker without putting your assets and valuables at risk. Although, it is best for people who have good or excellent scores. Because low credit scores can charge you higher interest rates, so, maintain good scores to take the loan.


●      Co-Signed And Joint Loans


If you cannot obtain a personal loan on your own, you can apply with a co-signer. But the co-applicant must have a strong credit history with good scores; also should be ready to take up the responsibility of the remaining balance; if you fail to pay the payments monthly, they should be able to pay. However, the co-signer will not have any access to the loan updates.


Some lenders allow joint loans; in this case, both of you will have access to the fund, and both of you are liable to pay; provided you must have good credit scores to get easy approval.


●      Vacation Loans


Generally, vacation loans are unsecured loans. You can travel and visit new places. It is for various purposes like booking accommodation, flights, sightseeing, food, etc. You can take a loan, plan your trip ahead and then continue with the trip.


●      Wedding Loans


Just like vacation loans, wedding loans are also unsecured loans. You have the freedom to use wedding loans as per your wish. You can take out a loan to plan the expenses for food, decoration, dream destination, etc. Also, you have a chance to solve the unexpected extra expenses spent on the wedding day. All in all, it's useful for you to take a wedding loan without second guessing.


So, now you have come across various loans and their uses. It's easier for you to make a decision now.


The Bottom Line


There are numerous types of personal loans available in the market; it's safer for you to avail of an unsecured personal loan and use it for multipurpose. You can easily avail it from Buddy Loan, which provides loans starting from interest rates of 11.99%, with minimal documentation. No added charges like processing fees or additional costs. So you'll be saving quite a lot of money. Thus, take an unsecured personal loan and benefit from it.

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