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Xbox Controller Keeps Turning Off: How to Fix in minutes

 Xbox Controller Keeps Turning Off: How to Fix in minutes

Playing video games excessively over the weekend has always been my getaway from the busy work week. And it was the same case last week when I was settling in for an all-nighter session on my favorite game.


I was a solid two or three hours into gaming when my controller suddenly turned off. I turned it back on and again within about 5 mins of play my controller switched off.

I checked the batteries, but they still had some charge in them and I was sure I only put in the new batteries a couple of days ago.


After asking a few friends and internet gurus, I finally found out that I was using low-quality batteries on my Xbox controller.


It simply wasn’t able to output the power required to run the controller with all its functions. Eventually, I replaced the batteries, but with all the information I received from friends as well as my research, many things could have caused the issue.


If your Xbox controller keeps turning off, make sure your batteries aren’t dead. You can also disable auto-sleep or update the controller to prevent this issue.

I’ll also go over a couple of other workarounds such as the ‘Play and Charge Kit’ for your controller as well as resetting the controller and reconnecting it.


Controller Tester allows you to test your controller, inputs, joystick, and other devices online. You can easily test your controller with a gamepad tester.


Replace your Xbox Controller’s Batteries


 Replace your Xbox Controller’s Batteries

The most common issue would be dying batteries which can cause your controller to behave abruptly and even turn off.

If you have spare batteries lying around you can use those, but make sure they are high-quality batteries, as low-quality ones will barely last a day or two. 


You can also keep enough replacement batteries on hand so you don’t have to cut short your gaming sessions especially online. 


How Long Do an Xbox Controller’s Batteries Last?


Good quality AA batteries last around 40 hours with light to medium hours of gameplay a day.


You can also purchase a rechargeable battery kit for your Xbox controller but these usually top out at 30 hours, however, you can continue to charge and play. 


If you are using rechargeable third-party batteries, you will again need to make sure you are using a high-quality pair otherwise you’ll barely get in any playtime between charges while the constant charging wears out its life cycle.


Disable Auto Sleep on your Xbox Controller


 If your controller switches off after a period of inactivity, it might indicate that your controller’s auto sleep setting is turned on.


You can do this very easily by holding the ‘Xbox’ button and the ‘Menu’ button for around three seconds. 


This will turn off auto-sleep, and you can use the same button combination to turn it back on.


It is recommended to leave it on during single-player games as you can save on charge when you’re away from the controller.


Leave it turned off during online sessions so you don’t get booted from the game.


Disconnect your Xbox Controller and Pair It Again


If your batteries are fine and you don’t need to change or charge them, then you can try disconnecting your Xbox controller and pair it again. 

While there is no straightforward method to unpair a controller from your Xbox, you can use one of the two methods below. 


1. Pair the Xbox controller with a friend’s or colleague’s Xbox. This will unpair the controller from your device. 


2. Pair your Xbox controller with your PC. If your PC runs Windows 10 and above, you can pair your controller seamlessly with your PC.

Once you’ve paired your controller through one of these methods, you can go back and run the same pairing process on your Xbox to connect again.

Connect your Xbox Controller to your Xbox Using a USB Cable

If your still having issues with the Xbox controller and you have no way of procuring replacement batteries, you can use a USB cable. Connect the USB cable from the Xbox to the controller and continue using it as a wired controller. 


Keep in mind that if your batteries are completely dead, then the controller will switch off if it’s disconnected by mistake. 


Get a Play and Charge Kit


If you’re someone who plays for long durations, then you may want to invest in a play-and-charge kit. 


They are widely available online and at retail stores and picking one up does away with having to spend on batteries every time it dies.


The charge and play kit also let you charge the controller while playing, so when you get a low-battery indicator, simply plug it into your Xbox with the included USB-C cable and continue. 


Ensure You’re Within the Xbox Controller’s Optimum Range


If you are playing on a large-format screen such as a projector, make sure your Xbox is in the visible range of your controllers and they aren’t too far apart. 


Objects such as tables, chairs, and other artifacts placed around the Xbox also interfere with the controller’s range.  Additionally, even though Microsoft claims

the controller is supported from up to 40 feet away, it’s better to not go further than 30 unless it’s an open setting and the controllers are in perfect view of the console. 


Update your Xbox Controller’s Firmware


The intermittent power issue might also be caused by a newer update being available for the controllers. 

There are three ways you can update your Xbox controller


  • Via Wi-Fi
  • Via USB
  • Via PC

Let’s first look at using Wi-Fi 




To update via Wi-Fi, switch on the Xbox and connect the controller you want to update. 


Click on the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the ‘Guide’. From here click on ‘Profile and System’.


Now click on ‘Settings’>> ‘Devices and Connections’>> ‘Accessories’.


Select the controller you wish to update from the list of accessories. On the controller screen, click the three dots to check the firmware version.


If you see an update icon click on ‘Firmware Version’ and follow the on-screen prompts to update your controller. Additionally, if you use a stereo headset adapter

on your controller, make sure to connect it to the controller and then to your headphones so it can be updated as well. You can do this for any of the update methods.




Connect the controller to the console with the included USB-C cable. In most cases, if the controller isn’t up-to-date, you will automatically receive a prompt to update the controller.


If the prompt does not appear, then you can simply follow the same steps as updating over Wi-Fi. The only difference is the update will be installed via the USB cable. 




Lastly, we have the update via PC. You can only update your controller via PC on windows 10/11. 


If you have an older version of windows, either upgrade to the latest versions or use one of the other methods to update. 

You will first need to download the Xbox accessories app from the Microsoft store. 


Once the app is installed, connect your controller to your PC via the included USB cable or an Xbox wireless adapter. 


As soon as the controller is connected, you will receive a prompt to install updates if there is one available.


While your Xbox controller does support connection via Bluetooth on Windows 10 and 11, it cannot be used to install updates. 


Contact Support


If you weren’t able to get past the intermittent power issues on the controller with any of the fixes mentioned above, you might need to take it to an authorized dealer for repairs. 


You can also contact their customer support team and they would be able to help you either get your controller fixed or replaced. Replacement however is only applicable under warranty.



1. How do you AFK an Xbox One controller? 

In most games such as Forza Horizon 5, gamers tend to use a mix of in-game settings and a rubber band holding the analog to stay AFK.


2. What kind of battery goes in an Xbox controller? 

Xbox controllers use high-density AA batteries. Make sure to buy high-quality batteries otherwise you might run into issues. 


3. How long do Xbox controller batteries last? 

While high-density AA batteries can last up to 40 hours, the play and charge kit only lasts 30 hours. It is however rechargeable.


4. Can I use rechargeable AA batteries in the Xbox One controller? 

As long as they are high-quality and high-density rechargeable batteries, you can use them on your Xbox one controller. 




While it is a little awkward to use batteries on a controller when Xbox competition all use internal rechargeable batteries, in some cases, it is more cost-effective. 

You don’t have to replace the controller if the battery stops working, and because the batteries are easier to get into on the Xbox controller, there are no special tools required to change the battery. 


Additionally, investing in a charge station can help you ensure your controllers are always charged and ready to play. Another way of making things easier is by investing in more than one set of rechargeable batteries.


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