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Medical Loan To Help You With Your Health Crisis.

Now, this is a serious matter, and many people could be in an emergency health crisis. Maybe you met with an unfortunate accident, suffering from a disease, or sudden cardiac problem. No matter what you're facing or facing in the future. You must take a medical loan and go ahead with your treatment without worrying about finances in a situation like that. You don't have to give your reasons or ask for funds from anyone. Take out a loan and solve your problems immediately.


Thus take a medical loan. It is similar to a personal loan from Buddy Loan. A few requirements are: You must have excellent or good credit scores and records, mandatory documents, and an online internet connection to apply. They will give you the loan with the best interest rates, with no extra charges. So save quite a bit of your money and avail money easily now.


Let's further read the eligibility and other must-have documents to avail of a medical loan from Buddy Loan.


Eligibility Criteria To Avail Medical Loan


How would you know if you're eligible to take a medical loan? Follow the steps below to know your eligibility, and apply without inconvenience or struggle.


You're 70% eligible to get a medical loan if you withstand all these points:

●      Age- Minimum 21 to maximum 60 years of age.

●      A self-employed person with a minimum of Rs. 20,000 and above earnings.  


You're almost 99% close to avail of a medical loan, in case you hold all the points below:

●      The age group is from 21 to 60 years of age.

●      Salaried individuals and self-employees with a minimum of INR 30,000 and more are most eligible.


However, following all the above points, anyone earning more than 18,000 annually and individuals with credit scores of more than 750 is instantly eligible. Further know the document requirements.


Documents To Get Medical Loan.


Keep these basic essential documents ready to get a medical loan.


●      Identity Proof

Passport, driving licence, voter ID, or PAN (Permanent Account Number) card.

●      Resident Proof

Leave and licence Agreement, recent consecutive 3 months utility bill or passport.

●      Income Proof

Consecutive previous three months Bank statements preferable where salary or income is credited.

●      Medical Documents

Supporting medical documents like medical prescriptions, hospital bills, operation bills, chemotherapy prescriptions, etc.


Thus, now you know some documents that can help you get the loan. For further detailed information, contact the respective lender. Now, you can learn how to apply online.


How To Apply For An Instant Medical Loan?


Go to their official website Buddy Loan or download the application Buddy Loan App and start the given procedure.

●      Most importantly, the first step is to provide your phone number, and then you'll get OTP (One Time Password) to the given number. Then again, provide the OTP and log in.

●      Choose the loan amount, and click on next.

●      Provide a PAN card, and It's the most important.

●      Also, fill in your personal, financial, and employment specifications.

●      Upload necessary documents online, like proof of identity, income, and address.

●      Select a tenure and proceed with the request to get a loan

●      Then you'll get financial funds directly into your Bank account.


So this is how you can apply and avail Medical loan from Buddy Loan. Avail it when in need.


The Bottom Line

A medical loan is collateral and guarantor free and approved instantly without delay. Utilise this opportunity to meet medical expenses, and don't burden yourself financially. Ease yourself in such a difficult situation. However, note that only Indian residents can avail loan from Buddy Loan.


on September 27 at 12:14

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